The slimline and racy

I recently mentioned that my brother is the one who got me interested in blogging because I enjoyed his cycling blog. Turns out he closed down i feel like a little kid (when i ride my bike) just recently so that he can be a face and blogger for Melbourne accessories label Hannmaid – owned and operated by his fiancée, Hannah, no less!

Mick Lin – a face and blogger for Hannmaid accessories

A close-up of Hannmaid cuff links; these ones are perfect for the race-going gent and I appreciate the tasteful pop of colour they add to Mick's slimline Jack London suit.
Mick works in a corporate environment by day and studies for the CA by night. Eek! More power to you, bro!

A cheeky little happy snap from a family luncheon celebrating Mick and Hannah's engagement!


Check out Mick's work and more colourful Hannmaid accessories on

Do you have sibling/s who inspire you?



  1. Hey Mick! Looking great! So funny to see you here, I didn’t know that Cheryl was your sister (mind is blown, as I read this blog all the time!)

    Congrats on your engagment and good luck with the company

    Katie (aka that chick that you went to Bordeaux with in 2002!)

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