Week 33: Never give up in a LBD

In week 33 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) project, I style my LBD for a VECCI business networking luncheon by taking the collar-less blazer that I styled in Week 14  and add a lace t-shirt and some key accessories. Take a look!


Contrary to what is represented in our media, there are a quite a number of Australian women who are successful in business with a wealth of experience to share. VECCI is Victoria’s representative body for employers and the VECCI Women in Business Luncheons is one of their events that shines the spotlight on successful Australian business women. I had the distinct pleasure of being a guest at a recent luncheon where we heard from Layne Beachley who very quickly become one of my newest heroes.

Layne Beachley – 7 time world surfing champion and business woman speaking at VECCI Women in Business Luncheon

While I was familiar with Layne Beachley’s status as the most successful surfer that this country has ever produced, it was incredibly inspiring to hear about her journey from being a kid surfing at Manly to world champion. Did you know that she worked FOUR jobs in order to be able to fund her passion for surfing; while she was ranked second in the world?  There are three key things that I took away from listening to Layne:

  1. In order to be the best, surround yourself with the best. This can be harder than it sounds. As a kid and a girl, Layne had to learn to stand her ground so that the older boys would let her surf with them. They teased her, they tried to push her around; Layne learned that she liked standing up for herself. A useful skill to have in any profession!
  2. Be your best mirror, your most honest and harshest critic. How many of us actually take the time out to [healthily] critique ourselves? To take the feedback of the great people around us and tell the difference between those that are simply flattering us and those who are telling us something that is hard but that we can really learn from? Layne shared some great examples of when she’s had to do this in her career as a surfer and as a business woman.
  3. Layne’s autobiography. I tried to capture Layne’s messages in tweets but her soundbites were so many, great and rapidly fired that I was positively relieved to hear that she had a book. This came with a little something extra special – more on that later!

Week 33: I belt a lace t-shirt over my LBD and make the look more formal by wearing a non-fussy collar-less blazer.

I was on annual leave kicking around in Melbourne when I attended this business networking luncheon. It was nice to polish up for the occassion which I did in the following:

My LBD is by Bento, lace tee from Cassette Society, Veronique Branquinho blazer, CLiO opaque stockings and ziera brogue ankle boots.  Seafoam green stud earrings are old-school Mimco and the gold belt is one I stole from my Mum that she’s had for years- WIN!

This lace tee is one of my favourite wardrobe staples – layer over LBDs like this or worn with work pants for a fresh work look. Simply make sure that you’re wearing a nude singlet or similar to ensure that you’re not revealing anything you don’t wish to 😉

Layne was generous enough to pose for photos with attendees and sign copies of her book – thank you, Layne! Many thanks also to the fantastic VECCI team for having me as a guest.

Regular readers of Business Chic might recall that I attended a VECCI business luncheon held earlier this year.

VECCI have another event on THIS WEEK: click here for more information. If I can work out my work calendar, I might just see you there!
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  1. She is an amazing woman, so great you got to meet her!

    Love the lace tee over the LBD – it looks so nice with the belt.


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