Week 37: LBD inspired by bloggers & Rosie the Riveter!

In Week 37 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project, I’m inspired by can-do women of yester-year and today!


Greetings BusiChic!

I’ve featured, met and generally been inspired by some awesome women of late. So what better way for me to pay tribute then by incorporating elements of their style into my little black dress outfit for work this week!

Here are the women who inspired today’s post:

Inspiration for this week’s LBD style, clock-wise from top-left:

  • BusiChic Janie: Faced with a windy day and bad-hair, I knew that I wanted to get a scarf in my hair a la Janie whose maternity chic I featured in this post.
  • Christina of Hair Romance: Scarf tied, I resorted to attempting a hair braid inspired by Christina of Hair Romance who just released her e-book 30 braids in 30 days – use the code LOVEYOURHAIR to get it for the special launch price which ends today!
  • Candice de Ville: Hair all done up, I put on my usual liquid eyeliner to then realise that I needed a statement lip to complete the look. Candice aka Super Kawaii Mama put some red on me when I visited her stylish enterprise on Maling Road recently; aside – which reminds me that I need to find time to book in with her for a full style make-over to learn her tips for looking immaculate, ALWAYS! 
  • Rosie the Riveter: The poster woman for the can-do women during World War II, Rosie is “commonly used as a symbol of feminisim and women’s economic power.” [source: Wikipedia] Rock on Rosie!

So without further ado, here’s the look at the key accessories styling this week’s LBD for work: head scarf, braid and red lip!:
resize gif

What do you think of my look?

In addition to my attempt at a braid, I had a chunk of hair that was too bulky when underneath the scarf so I plaited that separately and tucked over the scarf. If I have my time again, I’d modify this and tuck the plait into the braid… thoughts?

Week 37: LBD styling for the office taking inspiration from some of my favourite BusiChics and fellow bloggers!

Week 37 LBD Outfit details:

Scarf: Ferragamo – aside: I really enjoyed reading this reflection on Ferragmo written by poet/photographer Sam Webster who visited the Ferragamo museum in Florence just recently; I recommend reading it in your lunchbreak!

LBD: Bento
Shoes: Camper
jewellery: mixture of pieces from Etsy and souvenirs from holidays overseas
Makeup notes: 30+ sunscreen, Garnier BB cream (the shiny-face version, please recommend if you’ve found one that performs  well for you at work!), Face of Australia liquid eyeliner, Lancome HypnoseMascara and NARS velvet lip pencil in Dragon Girl.

An image I shared of my work look as I dashed out into the sunshine at lunchtime. My sunglasses are from American Rag – stay tuned for more on these guys in an upcoming post! Follow me on Instagram at busichic or BusinessChic

I’m pretty mindful that when dressing for work, I need to keep things toned down to avoid looking too costume-y but thought that I’d have fun and go to town with this look. So I wasn’t surprised when one of the helpful gents at work commented that I look like a washer lady. While I can see his point, I quite simply enjoyed having my hair out of my face for a change and personally enjoy wearing a bold lip in the corporate workplace. What do you think? I did throw this look together at the last minute so I’d love your thoughts and tweaks!


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  1. Candice looks like the perfect person to learn make-up and styling tips from! I need to do one of those lessons too!

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