Bright eyeliner at work

Greetings BusiChic,

I hope that you are having a productive week at work. By the time that you are reading this, I should be well on my way to scouting more BusiChics to photograph to keep us all inspired with our workwear.

But first off, let’s take a look at today’s BusiChic who reminded me just how looking for BusiChics is akin to fossicking for treasure!

Some street-style hunting days are extremely productive and I’m overwhelmed with the amount of stylish professionals walking down the city streets and into respective workplaces. On other days, I’m sifting populations of people and simply not finding the sparky folk that I like to feature here on Business Chic. I was having such a day and heading home on a tram when a flash of colour caught my eye, like a sparkling Emerald – take a look at Annette!

A welcome pop of colour in the office – Annette’s seafoam top was the first thing that caught my eye.

That’s right, BusiChic – I jumped off the tram and made my way to Annette who kindly allowed me to photograph her feminine and delightful work ensemble for her work in Finance.

I love how Annette’s brought jewel-eyeliner into the workplace; it’s a shame that I haven’t better captured the flash of shimmery colour that it was IRL. But what is clear is the delightful pearl collar on her top which comes from Portmans – who says that you have to spend a fortune to bring some personal style into the workplace?

Annette wears:

Jacket – Karen Millen  (bought on a whim – ventured out with the intention of buying a gift for my girlfriends one year old son and came back with the jacket after a detour!)

Green blouse with pearl collar – Portmans  (It was the collar that sold it, love anything with lace, pearls, or just detail)

Black skirt – Cue

Blue Cardigan – Country Road

Bag – Nancy Bird – it’s great because you can sling the strap over your shoulder across your body and it’s really comfortable and not too girly

Shoes –Caught wearing my “sensible” shoes from ‘Mountfords’ that I went out and bought after a visit to the podiatrist .  A bit boring but you can’t go wrong with patent leather!

Ooh! Annette’s relegated to the sensible shoe brigade like me – I’ll have to check Mountfords out, myself – thanks Annette. I wonder if they’ll fit my orthotics!

Also much love the Nancybird for unique looking bags using their lovely printed fabrics!

On the make-up note, I forgot to ask Annette where her particular eyeliner was from but I personally find that Rimmel has some cheerfully-priced options (Priceline are currently having a 3 for 2 sale on their products at the moment, so it might be worth taking a work-friend over to check out at lunchtime!

What do you think of Annette’s work style?


  1. Those bright colours are gorgeous, but more importantly: That is a fantastic portrait!

    • Nawww thank you, Katie. You are lovely! X

      Ps: If anyone wanted to know, Annette just got back to me and her eyeliner is by Prestige; a line that is also available at Priceline!

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