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Happy Friday, BusiChic!

I hope that yours has been a sensational and productive week.

I’ve found myself thinking about fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld quite a bit this week because of the nice tweets I’ve received regarding our mutual interest in LEGO as accessories:

Tweets I’ve received in light of my Week 38 LBD Project outfit, accessorised with a LEGO brick pencil case! Thanks Chrystal, Emma and Leeyong!

Another thing that I spend a lot of time thinking about is how I can simultaneously pursue as many of passions at the one time as possible. I feel that doing so builds the optimal conditions to mesh different disciplines and think more creatively. It’s like when I was studying French and German at the same time; I found that my study of one aided the other. The same with my interests, I like to transfer knowledge from say my dayjob/career (i.e. dealing with professionals) to my creative pursuits (i.e. photography). In the new year, I hope that I’m able to find a way to do this with more of the kind of work that pays the bills 😉

Karl Lagerfeld appears (to me) to have done this by being the designer for three fashion houses:

BusiChic looks from the Karl Lagerfeld Spring 2013 RTW Collection – how Lagerfeld would dress were he a woman. All images from Style.com

BusiChic looks from the Fendi Spring 2013 RTW Collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld. All images: Style.com

BusiChic looks from the Chanel Spring 2013 RTW Collection designed by Karl Lagerfeld – featuring his LEGO-inspired clutch! All images Style.com

On top of being a fashion designer for three fashion houses, Lagerfeld is also a photographer. I admire how he’s able to pursue his different visions; how they overlap and diverge into all sorts of wonderful things. I like the cross-pollination, collabs with labels like Diesel, h&m… what a total career muse for those who have many interests!

Those are my thoughts for the time being, BusiChic, what have you been thinking about?

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