Week 39: LBD Project gets a new leather work bag

In Week 39 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project, I get a new handbag from My Best Friend is a Bag!

By this time, dear BusiChic, I hope that you’re getting the feel for the extent to which an accessory can change your work outfit. This week, I wanted to style my LBD in easy neutral hues to suit the brighter summer light.  Co-incidentally I also needed a new handbag that needed to fit my laptop/iPad, camera, be stylish enough for work and not cost a month’s rent. Talk about a challenge! However after serendipitously meeting through Social Callout, my wish was answered and off I went to pay a visit to the crew at My Best Friend is a Bag to find myself a new bag for work!

In the showroom of My Best Friend is a Bag in Richmond. How fabulous are these laptop sleeves?!

(L-R) Penny and Janie, the founders of My Best Friend is a Bag in their bright Richmond showroom.

In Week 38 of the LBD Project, I layer with neutrals and the Elle leather tote from My Best Friend is a Bag

My Best Friend is a Bag is a Melbourne-based business founded by dear friends, Janie Bartlett and Penny Dunn. With backgrounds in advertising and interior design respectively, Janie and Penn decided to put their heads together to create their own business. They were inspired by a stylish laptop bag that Janie had which was ALWAYS noticed by other women in the boardroom. “I could have sold that bag a million times over!” recounted Janie when I visited them in their showroom in Richmond.

Over the years, Janie wondered why there wasn’t a greater offering in Australia of stylish leather laptop handbags for busy women like herself, and at a reasonable price, “when you did find them, they’d cost an arm and a leg.”

So the  two friends got together and created a line of leather handbags, each style named after a different woman: Elle, Victoria, Mia and Harper- the last one being the name of their baby bag, of course! As a busy woman on the go, I need to carry a lot of things so gladly accepted an Elle Leather Tote Bag to take for a spin.

The contents I’ve packed into the Elle Leather Tote Bag for a day of work!

Want to know what’s in my bag?

Section 1:  iPad

A fully-lined section that fits my 13inch MacBook Air or iPad very easily with a fastner to keep items in place. I like that there is a specific section in these bags for a busy woman’s laptop – much more stylish than the standard-issue option at work 😉

Section 2: Main section* + Keyring tab

This section can fit in a lot! When packing your bag, do try to make sure you don’t get tempted to overload like I do! If you do, take care that you alternate the shoulders that you carry your bag on so that you don’t hurt your neck/back.

My favourite thing about this section is the keyring tab – can you see my red key ring in the bottom left of the picture above? Janie and Penn have included a handy tab to easily attach/detach your keys to so that you always know exactly where they are – GENIUS!

*not pictured: my camera

3 Pockets

Handy for the things that you need to keep extra handy.

Phew! She certainly can fit a lot in, can’t she? Another thing that I love about Elle is that she has “feet” so that she can stand up on her own. As a streetstyle photographer, I constantly need to sit my bag down;  having feet means that Elle won’t fall over and tip out the contents of my bag all over the street. Win!

Darn it, I love my Elle so much that I’m now tempted to go and get her friend Mia in Burnt Orange – what do you think?

Many thanks to Janie and Penn for having me in their beautiful showroom and hooking me up with Elle! To see which handbag could be your best friend, visit My Best Friend is a Bag !



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  2. Gorgeous bag. Fantastic post and so thrilled you found My Best Friend is a Bag through SocialCallout.com! (I love bags that stand up on their own too!)
    Umm… if anyone’s wondering why I’m so thrilled at this connection, I’m a co-founder of SocialCallout.com 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by, Valerie and inviting me to try Social Callout in the first place. I’m glad that I FINALLY checked because when I did, I was pleasantly surprised to see Janie and Penn’s callout for bloggers interested in their line of “stylish laptop bags for busy working women”- a perfect match for my blog! So thank you for connecting us 🙂

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