Week 40: LBD Project goes to the Zoo

In Week 40 of the LBD Project, I accessorise using clothing I had in the back of my car which goes to show that it’s useful to keep clothes on-hand for changes in the weather! And I go to Melbourne Zoo for the amazing, big-kids-only experience, I, Animal.

Dearest BusiChic,

How are you? I hope that you have been well in work and play since we last touched base. While I haven’t been blogging, I’ve still been out and about researching and meeting all things BusiChic to share with you in future posts.

I must say that I’ve been debating whether I should include this post in my LBD Project – the challenge I’ve set myself to wear one Little Black Dress to work once a week for the whole year in order to share 52 different ways to style this fashion staple for the workplace. The reason being that while I’d worn the LBD to work that day, faced with cooler weather, I exchanged the tshirt and belt that I had been wearing in favour of some random clothes that I was about to take to the op shop. I thought that layering these random clothes would be a lot warmer than the tshirt I was wearing, then I realised that the clothes matched each other and the shoes that I was wearing! Hence the lesson in this LBD project is to keep spare clothing handy for changes in weather and having clothes in the same colour will help make sure that the extra layers you add, match!

Now on to Zoos Victoria’s interactive experience, I, Animal.  This tour is a world-first and the reason why every big kid needs to leave their little ones at home and head for the zoo one night, this summer!


At Melbourne Zoo for I, Animal. I’ve accessorised my LBD with clothes I found in the back of my car (Alannah Hill cardigan and op shop shirt), sandals from Gorman and a Longchamp bag. Longer time BusiChics might recognise my accessories from Zoos Victoria’s Beads for Wildlife program!

I don’t want to tell you too much about I, Animal because it is tricky to explain. Simply it is an interactive tour which was produced in collaboration with The Border Project and designed by Art Processors, the technical brains who I’m told are also responsible for the “O” interactive tour at Mona Museum (another destination I’ve wanted to visit for a very long time now).  When I first received the invitation to preview I, Animal, I thought that we were simply going to spend an evening having a look at the animals then have a few drinks in the Zoo’s lovely gardens. Having been involved in a few events at the Zoo, this was something I was totally happy and looking forward to doing. What I found however, was that I, Animal was a really novel way of taking a bunch of adults worn down by a day at work and cleverly coaxing out their inner child.

Some snippets from the I, Animal interactive tour at Zoos Victoria’s Melbourne Zoo. Do yourself a favour and book yourself and your loved ones in!

So what I can tell you is that armed with an iPod touch device named “Zöe”,  this tour invites you to split away from your friends and experience the zoo and animal world for yourself. Don’t fear, you’re still with a group of people but as you are each listening to audio devices, you also feel like you’re having a really loud conversation with the accountant’s voice in your head (quirky fact: the voice of Zöe usually does the books for The Border Project!). As someone who normally likes to comment on everything, I found the experience of being stripped bare from the shield of my friends and meeting the animals in this way, a truly humbling experience. Thankfully I had one friend on my tour, Mike who kindly took a few snaps of me and the tour that we went on.

Thanks Mike for this shot of me taking delight in I, Animal! Pictured here with my “Zöe”, I selected the elephant tour – can you spot them?

BusiChic blogger friend Marianne from Esme and the Laneway shared this shot of my accessories (people can’t seem to believe when I tell them that necklace came in a show bag!) and layered tops that I found in the back of my car. If you’d like another take on the tour, go with Marianne who chose to visit the Giraffes!

A photo I instagrammed from my I, Animal experience at Melbourne zoo.

A boy butterfly, specifically the Ornithoptera euphorion or “Cairns Birdwing”, in the butterfly house at Melbourne Zoo. Photo credit: Mike Kuiper

There are a lot of clever things about this I, Animal tour. For instance, I would like to go back and check out all of the other animals because each of my friends had a different experience. Also within each tour, we’re cleverly split up again so that Mike and I had slightly different experience as well! One of my favourite parts of the tour involved some straddling which I’m going to share with you so that you’ll make sure that you’re properly attired for it!

Giddy up, Carousel! Please make sure that you do not wear a pencil skirt or similar that might restrict you from straddling the Carousel ponies properly! I had to do sneaky-side-saddles which aren’t exactly allowed. Shhhhhh! Photo credit: Lou Pardi

If you’re looking for a present this Christmas, I highly recommend booking your loved ones in for I, Animal. I’ve checked out their booking page and you can buy tickets for the exact night that you’d like to visit. I’ll have to find out whether it’s possible to purchase gift vouchers for recipients to choose that night for themselves. All in all, I highly recommend this tour and hope that you’ll visit it too and let me know what you thought!

Major props to Zoos Victoria for having the foresight to create this experience with The Border Project and Art Processors and thank you for my invitation to preview this afterwork activity! I cannot wait to go again.

Do you wear a Little Black Dress to work? If you’ve blogged your outfit, please share your post via the comments below! If you simply have a photo, share with us on the BusinessChic Facebook page! For more of my LBD work styling, click here!

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