The Business Casual in Finance

Meeting a client on Casual Day but still wish to impress? It seems to me that gents in relatively conservative work worlds are bringing back Business Casual style. However rather than consisting of ill-fitting polos and baggy chinos common amongst American execs in the 1990s, the look has had a welcome makeover.  There’s an appreciation for the old school: well-tailored jackets, quality shirts and stylish trimmings which make the casual alternative to the full suit, impressive. Take a gander at today’s BusinessChic Graham, whom I photographed at En Masse 2012:

Graham works in Finance and shows that one doesn’t always need to wear a co-ordinated a suit.

A close-up of some of the accessories that make Graham’s work attire, interesting.

Belt and knitted tie are clever elements that show some flair.

On casual days, opt for a still-smart pair of lace ups to complete your look.

Graham wears:

County Road, Herringbone (who I see are presently having an online sale on shirts; stock up yourself and get others a useful Christmas gift! ~ busichic), Marcs and Batsanis. Oh and Pantone Colour 16-4535 socks, an old favourite (sorry that I missed getting this detail! ~ busichic).

Favoured labels for your workwear?
A favourite for suits would be Dom Bagnato, great wool, clean and classic in their cut. Just a really nice suit.
For other clothes Godwin Charli consistently has a really interesting range and their focus on adjusting to fit you is excellent. Country Road is excellent for basics. After that it tends to be a lot of wandering to see what is around.

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