Week 43: A Little Black Dress and the leather jacket

In Week 43 of the Little Black Dress (LBD) Project, it’s the festive season and there are parties left, right and center! In this post, I style my LBD for a Smart Casual party using pieces from zara, mimco, eBay and the Good Shepherd Trading Circle!

Happy Festive Season, BusiChic!

It’s supposed to be Summer here in Australia but living in the city of four-seasons-in-a-day, I find that I need to always have a little jacket on hand to ward off any cool changes. So enter the leather jacket that I picked up when I was travelling through gorgeous Madrid. Ahhh memories! Anyhoo, back to the details of this week’s LBD that I styled for work and work-related party!

I’m pretty short, so when going to events it’s pretty important that I wear heels otherwise it makes following the conversation at loud parties, very difficult. Truth. Does anyone else have to do this? So when styling my Bento LBD for a Smart Casual party, while I’d normally like to go for flats, I opted for some party shoes that would give me some height. These babies by Mimco are not orthotic friendly but darn it, sometimes I just want to get dressed up and have fun. Note that I’ve practiced walking and standing in them around the house so that I had an idea of how long before they got uncomfortable and could exit party accordingly (another handy reminder so that one doesn’t stay at party for too long!) – do you have any shoe party tips to share?


In Week 43, I go to work Smart Casual in a leather jacket, party shoes and a beaded Trading Circle conference pass “necklace” that I’m wearing as a belt to tie the look together.

I’m wearing vintage earrings that I bought on eBay years ago and love. I don’t usually like wearing dangly earrings in the workplace as I don’t think they’re particularly work-appropriate but pairs like this are handy for taking an outfit from work to play.

Looking for a stylish conference pass that has been ethically made? This one even turns into a necklace for the attendee, post-conference! Retailing at $3 a piece, check it out online at the Trading Circle or at their store  at 110 Maling Road, Canterbury.

Shoes can mean business or party – please make sure that you get it right and can walk properly in them! Practice in the comfort of one’s home, makes perfect 😉

I shortened the necklace to fit my waist by tying a small loop which I secured behind the back of my dress; hidden by the jacket. I was lucky that the evening I was out was cool enough to keep my jacket on! However next time if it’s warmer, I might affix a brooch like the gold orchid one that I wore in both Week 21 and 28 of the project. That way I have the option of removing the jacket and having the loop hidden by the brooch which I’d place on my right hip-bone. Ok? 🙂

Have you been wearing your Little Black Dresses to work parties? If you’ve blogged your outfit, please share your post via the comments below! If you simply have a photo, share with us on the BusinessChic Facebook page! For more of my LBD styling for work, click here!


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