Week 44: Little Black Dress gets inspired to go French at work

In Week 44 of the Little Black Dress Project (my challenge to wear a differently styled LBD to work, once a week for the whole year), I look to the French for inspiration! et voila! A striped top from my weekend wardrobe creates a Creative ensemble that I can get away with in my office!

Greetings BusiChic,

I had oodles of inspiration going into this week’s styling of a Little Black Dress for the workplace. It started when I was watching The September Issue over the weekend, a documentary about the making of US Vogue’s September issue. Fashion Editor, Grace Coddington, mentioned photographer Norman Parkinson telling her to always have one’s eyes open to inspiration. It’s something that I often remind myself to do so it was reaffirming to hear someone say it aloud.

Fashion blogger, Maria over at Crashing Red, caught my eye with the way that she wore cute socks to work. Seriously check it out:

Maria from Crashing Red wears socks to work as an alternative to panythose - smokin' style, Maria!

Maria from Crashing Red wears socks to work as an alternative to panythose – smokin’ style, Maria!

Sure, one would need to find socks that were thin enough so not to stretch out work shoes but imagine being able to avoid the hassle of dealing with ladders in stockings etc?! Inspired by Maria, I have been thinking about trying to incorporate socks into this project.

I’ve been browsing the interwebs and in spite of the emails I keep getting from folks who do SEO for the brilliantly successful British e-tailer, asos.com, I visited them because they carry one of my favourites, French designer Sonia Rykiel’s diffusion line of quirky-but-classic clothing for the Francophile. It turns out that Sonia has a pair of POM POM SOCKS!  This year I’ve spent some time thinking about how I could make and incorporate poms poms into this project but with little success. This is perhaps the only pom-pom-ed item I’ve come across that I’ve thought I could wear to work, although it’d have to be on a day that I didn’t have any serious meetings…

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel socks


Then there’s the spending $50 on a pair of socks!

Something that I’ve spent a good $50 on recently is the beautiful Things I Love book by Sydney-based stylist, Megan Morton, whom I met recently at The Design Files Open House in Melbourne. Earlier this year Megan instagramed some pictures of pineapples and made the darn things look so good that I’ve seriously become fixated with pineapples!!!

Megan Morton, The Design Files Open House, Pineapples, Busichic

On a completely un-work-related note...

On a completely un-work-related note… on left is the Diaz pineapple top I’d currently love to add to my weekend wardrobe but am hesitating since I did just recently get these Queen Khan bananas (pictured right)… fixated on fruit, much?

Those following my personal Instagram, may have noticed that I’m taking part in the Fox in Flat’s #DAREcember style challenge – trying out a new style everyday. On Sunday the challenge was STRIPES which made me realise that other that I haven’t done stripes since WEEK 3 of this project when I got all furoshiki, remember?!

So without further ado, here’s a look at how I incorporated STRIPES, SOCKS and a DANGLY PINEAPPLE to accessorise my Little Black Dress for the office in a Creative take on the Contemporary Business Wear dresscode:


Week 44: French inspired stripes, orange-red lips, ankle socks and a pineapple!

Week 44: French inspired stripes, orange-red lips, ankle socks and a pineapple!

BusiChic LBD Project Stripes Pineapple


I’m wearing a Little Black Dress by Bento, striped top by Juicy Bear, trouser socks by CLiO which I shortened (although I’d have preferred ones as short as Maria’s – any tips on where to get?), the Juniper ankle boot from ziera, clutch from Longchamp and crochet pineapple key ring was a souvenir I picked up in Bali.

Makeup note: Face of Australia liquid eyeliner, MAC lipstick in Lady Danger, Concealer and Golden Bronzer by Laura Mercier.



Phew! LONG post, I think that’s everything – any questions, comments on tips?

Eight (8) more outfits to go until I close this project – stay tuned also for an announcement!

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