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I hope that you had a restful and safe long Australia Day weekend! If you are or were in Brisbane experiencing the flood crisis, my thoughts are with you. If you’re an insurance consultant dealing with claims from the floods or an SES worker responding to calls; keep up the good work!

For those of us returning to work today, here’s a chic little ensemble that I thought was appropriate for when facing warm weather and over-zealous air-conditioning! Check out Sarah-Jane who works in Insurance; chic in a summer frock!

Sarah-Jane wears a striped dress to work and keeps a blazer handy for changes in weather as well as over-zealous air-conditioning!

Sarah-Jane wears a striped dress to work and keeps a blazer handy for changes in weather as well as over-zealous air-conditioning!

A neat and chic hairstyle for the office.

A neat and chic hairstyle for the office.

Sarah Jane Business Chic details


I always enjoy a good high-low outfit like Sarah-Jane’s which features pieces from the Irish high-street, Louis Vuitton bag and open-toe wedges from Target Australia!

Sarah-Jane’s ensemble is also a perfect example of how good collarless blazers can be. If you like the structure of a blazer but don’t necessarily want or like a stuffy collar, collarless is a stylish way to go. Sarah-Jane’s is from Irish label A-Wear. I’ve also come across this great boucle option and this fabulous hot pink number by DvF!

A collarless blazer adds formality to Sarah-Jane's work attire.

A collarless blazer adds formality to Sarah-Jane’s work attire.

What do you think of Sarah-Jane’s ensemble? Would you wear a collarless blazer to work? I once butted heads with another staff member on whether they were appropriate for a Contemporary Business Wear environment, what do you think? I’d love your thoughts!

Events on this week:

Melbourne Museum SmartBar

If you entered the Melbourne Museum SmartBar giveaway over the long weekend, I’m pleased to announce that the randomly drawn winners were Kirsteene and Emilia! Please check your inboxes for emails from me, ladies! If you’d like to know more about this event, simply check out the related posts here or get your tickets online here!

Fashion for Dating

If you’d like to catch up with me this week, I’ll be speaking about Fashion for Dating this Wednesday! In panel discussion moderated by  Emir Krajina, founder of Relationship Rocket Science, we’ll be exploring topics like fashion and first impressions, the most important fashion item for a guy/girl, shopping dates, and how soon is too soon to double up on a favourite outfit? I’m looking forward to being on the panel to talk about those outfits that you can wear to work then straight out to a date (much like Sarah-Jane’s)! Also on the panel are Grace Dlabik, Celebrity Stylist & Creative Director; James Gallichio, Founder of A Good Man and Kate McKibbin, Founder of Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily.

Fashion for Dating panel discussion:
The Loop Bar
23 Meyer Place
>Wednesday, 30 January 2013 from 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM (EST)

Tickets are FREE << register your interest to attend via that link. Hope to see you there!


PS: As this is a short week of work, I’ll be posting just two times this week: this post plus another on Thursday before recommencing regular Mon, Wed and Fri posts next week. Thank you for your visits, BusiChic!
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  1. Gorgeous! Where is the dress from?

  2. What a collection. very good. I am very much interested to wear it.

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