Handy Bits and Bobs to have at work

Greetings BusiChic!

I hope that you had a brilliant holiday season and are all set for a new year of work. WOO!

Straight to business as I’m still busy working away on getting the Little Black Dress Project Book  ready in time for our exhibition in March at LMFF! Now I’m not sure about you but I’ve personally given up on setting any New Year’s Resolutions! Instead I’m putting energy into making sure I’ve got all the things I need in place to get me through the year. So I thought that I’d kick off by taking a look at the items that I think are handy to keep in one’s top drawer or locker at work.  Those items to help fix fashion disasters like buttons that pop off, hems that drop, shoes that rub uncomfortably, HEADACHES that hit you and so forth. Here’s my list, have a read and let me know what you think in the comments below!

5 Items to keep handy at work

  1. Sewing kit- how cute is this vintage one that I found on etsy? Less cute but immensely useful, I like to get the amenity pack from hotel stays as these kits are handy to quick fix the aforementioned popped button or dropped hemline. Also pop in a few safety pins in case you need an extra speedy fix 😉
  2. Hand balm
  3. Band aids – from paper cuts to protecting sore bits on your feet that are rubbing against shoes.
  4. Aspirin
  5. Lip balm


Things to keep handy at work

Sewing kit

Hand balm 
$29 – aesop.com

Lanolips 101 Ointment for lips Travel Size
$12 – adorebeauty.com.au



Gents might also like to bring the following:

I asked my boyfriend what he thinks blokes should keep handy and this is his list. While most of it makes sense,  I do wonder why “belt” made it on to the list! Any thoughts?

  1. Tie
  2. Cufflinks
  3. Belt
  4. Deodorant
  5. Socks


Items to keep spare at work for men


For the Ladies:

I could only think of three extra items on top of the first five items…

  1. Spare pantyhose for when one get’s ladders although I’ve been experimenting with short socks of late and just picked up these Wolford ones that are currently on sale.
  2. Tampons
  3. Extra makeup


Items to keep spare at work - women

11 AUD – asos.com

Thrill De Jour – I never thought that I’d find tampon packaging appealing but how CHIC are these ones featuring fashion illustrations by Angie Rehe?! In Little Black Dresses, no less!


Well those are the things that I keep in my top drawer.  I ‘d say that I like to keep mine in a stylish bag but truth is I find it handy keeping these things in a clear zip lock bag so that I can find what I need easily. What do you think? Is there anything I’m missing?  What items do you like to keep handy at work?
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  1. Great post! I sometimes have meetings that I have to dash off to after lunch so I always like to keep a packet of mints handy and compact mirror in my drawer- just to check I have no food stuck in my teeth!

  2. I do love those little sewing kits you get in hotels – so useful! This is a little off-topic but since you’re talking desks, I wonder if you’ve seen any chic desk chairs recently? I need something slimline for a home office (no arms) and ergonomically sound – any suggestions would be amazing!

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