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Those who are regular visitors to the blog (THANK YOU for your visits!) will know that I’m working on turning my LBD Project into a book and exhibition. So I thought that it was timely to turn the spotlight on other bloggers whose work style I love.

I started up a dedicated Instagram account for BusinessChic to share my images of all things – well, business chic! Through the use of hashtags (any word or phrase that is preceded by a “#”), particularly #corporatewear, I’ve come across the style of the FABULOUS Ei Leen Khoo aka anteledaisy who lives in Singapore. The lady’s style is out of this world inspirational to corporate me! She creates outfits that are perfectly appropriate for any conservative workplace but bursting with kick-ass clever combinations of colour, fabrics and cuts. So without further ado, read on for a BusiChic interview with Ms. Khoo!:

An example of the kick-ass corporate style of anteledaisy that I came on Instagram!

An example of the kick-ass corporate style of anteledaisy that I came across on Instagram!

What’s your role, industry?
My role is a Concierge Officer in a Swiss Private Bank.

When did you start your blog and why?
I started my blog in 2007 as an avenue of communication for my girlfriend and myself. We were in a long-distance relationship at that time and it was a good way of updating her on my life.

Does your workplace have a dresscode?
My workplace has only ONE dresscode – Presentable. My job requires me to meet wealthy clients and professionals from all walks of life. I personally take pride in my personal grooming, posture and decorum. I would say I’m very particular with the details.

Describe your workwear style? How did it come about?
My workwear style is more of being fun and quirky. I do not like how most Singaporean girls dress up for work. It is always about black, white or basic colours. Work is stressful and boring enough in Singapore so we need to perk up the visual effect by adding colour, quirkiness and fun in our daily outfits. An overall outfit/look is only complete together with the right makeup & hairdo which many Singapore girls neglect.

Share some of your favourite work looks and why. 
I like how powerful these 2 looks are. I feel that they show that I am confident of who I am and what I do.

business chic polka dot anteledaisy

business chic asymmetrical anteledaisy

business chic colourful anteledaisy

“Colourful yet feminine look which is so approachable at work. Definitely bring smiles to all who sees me.” ~ anteledaisy

business chic anteledaisy

“This is one ALL-DAY-LOOK for work & after drinks/party/shopping with your girlfriends:” ~ anteledaisy

Share some of your looks that in hindsight, didn’t work as well. What would you have changed? 
The outfits below were too dull for me which might be one of those bad days I had. I’d prefer if I had splash more colour into my outer-wear or put on some really eye-catching accessories.

business chic grey anteledaisybusiness chic volume anteledaisy

You have an important meeting in the morning and drinks with friends after work, what would you wear?
For a meeting, I will pair a simple B/W polkadot top with blue high waist skirt, a red cape and a red heels. For drinks, I will change from that skirt into my favourite Miss Sixty Skinny Jeans.

Your wardrobe staple and some ways that you like to wear it?
Working/ Boyfriend blazers. All I need to do is to mix & match these blazers with my top and skirt/pants for different day.

Your style icons for work?
I have none. It is all about creativity, imagination & being adventurous. I believe in one who is willing and be gutsy to try different colours and styles.

Favourite makeup products for work?
Urban Decay Brightening Primer, Eyeshadow Primer and most importantly, Boots Lip Balm from Bangkok.

Favourite publications, blogs etc for fashion or that simply inspires you?
My favourite blogs are The Blonde Salad, Neon Blush & Hanneli. For localblogs: Linda Hao, Pia Jacqueline and Fashion On Your Feet are my loves.

What’s happening for you in 2013?
I will be travelling to Seoul, Korea in Feb for the 1st holiday of 2013 and hopefully there will be more holidays for the year! I hope I can continue
my passion of doing my theme shoots with my partner-in-crime, Shirley ( in 2013.

Work is not everything. We need to have a well-balance lifestyle which includes our passion in life.

Where can we find you?
For daily outfit updates, enjoy:

For off-&-on updates of my life now:

For my passion:


Thank you Ei Leen for the insight into your corporate wear!

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