Maternity chic in a pencil skirt + Fashion for Dating wrap-up

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I hope that you had a fabulous weekend! I’ve reached an exciting time in life where a bunch of friends are expecting their first bubs. So I was excited to when Samantha Krajina from Relationship Rocketscience arrived at the panel I was on last week, Fashion for Dating for online dating site,  7pm Anywhere.


Samantha is maternity chic in a pencil skirt.

Samantha is maternity chic in a pencil skirt.

Business Chic Samantha detail

Samantha wears high heels to work.

Samantha wears high heels to work.


Samantha sports a fitting but chic maternity ensemble for the office. Achieve her look with these pieces:
hair doughnut: go large like Samantha or small like I do!
Owl earrings:  cute diamente style here , blue-eyed option here or fun pack here.
blouse: pussy bow blouse or a tulip print
pencil skirt:black
bag:  there’s this one in cream or this envelope style
high heel pumps: I couldn’t find a brown pair but thought that this nude pair would be super cute on Samantha and here’s a flat option  or this “flat” option!
And if you are looking for a structured maternity dress <$40, I like the look of this number from asos!

Thank you to everyone who came down last week to hear us speak on the panel that also featured stylist Grace Dlabik and James Gallichio from  A Good Man. Here are some of our  tips from the evening:

Fashion for Dating

  • Be confident and comfortable with yourself. Dress accordingly and in a way that shows you in your best light. Physically flatter yourself, showcase your personality. Grace pointed out the benefits of wearing good underwear that holds you together (Bridget Jones, anyone?) and keeps you feeling good.
  • If looking to date people in the office, remember to keep things professional. That means both your attire and your behaviour! I met my boyfriend at work but we didn’t start dating until years after I’d left that workplace. I believe that this goes to show it’s important to always make a good impression as you simply never know what will happen in future!
  • Samantha is a relationship counsellor and mentioned that men are attracted to a woman who is comfortable with herself. I like to extend that point for both genders who are heading out for afterwork drinks. Blokes, undo your tie. Ladies, I like to reapply lipgloss, freshen up make up and loosen up my hair. Do what makes you feel more comfortable but also show some pride in your presentation if you’d like to attract someone who appreciates some effort.
  • Keep your shoes looking nice. James highlighted that men usually make an effort from head-to-toe. Hair because it’s something that most people see immediately, less so on feet. So if a gent has made the effort to wear nice shoes, it shows that he pays attention to detail and that you like his taste.

All that said if someone you date doesn’t like you simply because of what you’re wearing, consider whether or not that’s someone you need in your life!


What are you thoughts on how to dress for dates? Read Samantha’s take on the evening on her blog, Relationship Rocketscience or check out online dating site,  7pm Anywhere!


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  1. I love how you have worked the pencil skirt to look gorgeous on the baby bump! I have a few pencil skirts in my collection (feel free to check out my website) and this blog just proves how truly versatile they are! N x

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