Midweek Musings

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Dearest BusiChic,

This post was going to be called “Give Me Strength.”

So I’m out there, getting my ass everywhere (do click that link if you don’t understand the reference, gosh I hope that you understand the reference!) and holding down the day job whilst fielding tons of phone calls and emails each day about all of the wonderful things going on in this town… and I’m exhausted.

I wanted today’s post to be all about the wonderful launch of my exhibition, book and blog’s third birthday. Have you noticed the header on this blogpost – it belongs to one of my launch sponsors, Campari House, who supplied us some of the tastiest canapes I’ve had ever! Truly I loved them and could’ve kissed every stuffed baby tomato, just look at them:


Laneway Esme Campari House tomatoes

Baby basil-leaf-and-goats-cheese-stuffed tomatoes, one of the vibrant and delicious canapes that Campari House served at the launch of The Little Black Dress Exhibition. Photo: Esme & the Laneway

I wanted this post to be about thank yous and links to all of the wonderful folks who supported my Pozible campaign and are waiting patiently for me to post them copies of The Little Black Dress Project book, which one can now buy online here.

I wanted to share photos of the space that I’ll be manning myself this Friday and Sunday in the hope that you’ll stop by and visit the exhibition that’s on at Melbourne Central until March 31. Did you know that one of my all time fashion heroes, Patricia Field, also has an exhibition on at a competing shopping centre until March 31? I pinch myself.

I was also going to tell you about the things that haven’t gone right. That while I thought I was handling the stress well, my hands broke out with dermatitis (not as pretty as the tomatoes above, let me tell you). That all of my professional experience to date has been invaluable to keeping everything chugging along. That if you don’t like your day job, learn everything that you can because the transferable skills you’ll get, are so worth it. And yoga – do it, I’ve found meditation and breathing exercises are also excellent for managing stress.

And please do not for a moment think that I’m ungrateful. I feel so lucky to live in a day and age where I get to pursue my passions via this blog that’s provided me with such a creative outlet! I’m grateful to have met so many of you online and even IRL to collaborate or simply to connect with like-minded folk.  This process of pushing myself to deliver has been OMG-challenging but not without its rewards either.

But right now I feel like I need to tell you that I’m tired and I’m going to let myself go to bed so that I’ll have the energy to blog with enthusiasm and do all of these thank yous justice – because I am so grateful and you’re all so freakin’ awesome. All of the good things and thank yous are coming – free croissants too! Just not today but soon, I promise, BusiChic – soon!

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