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Greetings BusiChic,

So the Little Black Dress Project exhibition is all packed up- thank you to each of you for coming!

My brain is still recovering a little so please bear with me as I kick back into the work wear inspiration starting with POLKA DOTS!

I’d left the exhibition one evening and was wheeling my bags on my way to the House of Baulch pop-up shop launch when I saw her. She was a curly-haired lady, about four-to-five meters ahead of me, a bounce in her coat as she crossed the road. She wore her brunette curls in a messy bun and that coat – it was a  perfectly-tailored polka-dot coat. The coat was fitted but had volume such that it puffed up with her movements and oh my were those polka dots unexpectedly fun! It took three-to-five seconds for me to spy her and I picked up my pace, hoping I’d catch her at the next lights- when all of a sudden she started running for a tram!

So the polka-dot lady caught her tram and I missed capturing her look for the blog… it is an imperfect analogy but can you see why I sometimes liken streetstyle photography to trying to catch a butterfly?!

Anyhow, I had a lovely time at the House of Baulch launch that featured jewel-hued-onesie layered with Kathryn Baulch’s fabulous accessories. I recommend Kathryn’s pieces to bling up classic work ensembles such that I included her necklaces in my Little Black Dress Project and book! The House of Baulch pop-up shop is on at Heading Out Hair as part of the LMFF Cultural Program so so go visit if you’re near the corner of Exhibition and Bourke streets!

The super fun launch of House of Baulch's pop-up shop at Heading Out Hair on Bourke Street.

The super fun launch of House of Baulch’s pop-up shop at Heading Out Hair on Bourke Street.

Anyhow so the polka-dots I spied were filed in the back of my brain under “must-find”, me thinking that I’d never find them…

The handy thing about having an exhibition at Melbourne Central was getting to see all of the stylish shop gals and boys decked out in their label’s finest. So you can imagine my delight when I spotted a lass walk by wearing a skirt which I find out was from Trenery and comes in a matching top so one can bedeck in polka dots like so:

Polka dot top and skirt from Trenery.

Polka dot top and skirt from Trenery. I like the fresh-faced quirkiness of this as a full ensemble but split up for great separates that would add some whimsy to a black work pant or skirt suit!

I spent a lot of the exhibition pondering whether I could pull off this ensemble at work. Full spots or broken up by working the top with relaxed-cropped pants and man-style blazer. Or that skirt with a cashmere shell top, opaque stockings and ankle boots… I wondered whether it’d be too obvious that I was wearing the same dotty items? After the relative anonymity of wearing a Little Black Dress – many people in the office have been commenting they hadn’t realised I was wearing the same dress – I wondered whether the same could be said for as conspicuous a print?

While that was playing over in my brain, I had to keep trying to not covet items from Gorman. You see, my exhibition was right out side the Gorman store and I almost fell over my mannequins when I saw the Gorman girls decked out in this super cute raincoat:

Polka dots at Gorman

Polka dot Singin in the Rain coat at Gorman

The coat is super cute on the Gorman shop girls and would be so perfect when riding my bicycle!

Then in my internet shopping, I happened to come across this marimekko marvel:

Polka dots at marimekko

Polka dots at marimekko

I think that it’s interesting that marimekko are offering this coat as part of their Spring/Summer 2013 collection, while Trenery and Gorman offer their print for Autumn/Winter 2013. How’s that for a demonstration of the versatility of this polka dot print? Gents, if you’re thinking of polka dots too, here are some bright offerings from Happy Socks, pocket squares from P.Johnson or something a little more restrained from Herringbone!

So much polka-dot cuteness! I’m molto tempted to get the Trenery outfit + the marimekko coat. Simply pair with colourful accessories or a slick of red lippy to add even more fun! What do you think? Cute and clever pieces to addy an appropriate amount of whimsy to my workwear or has the hustle of the last 3 months driven me dotty?!


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