Inspired by the new Qantas uniform designed by Martin Grant

Yesterday, 21,600 staff found out what they’ll be wearing to work for the foreseeable future, when supermodel, Miranda Kerr, sashayed down a runway to reveal the new uniform for Qantas.

Image: Georges Antony/ AUSBT

As Autumn sets in, Qantas staff may be spotted in this trench and trilby, part of the new uniform designed by Martin Grant. Image: Georges Antony/ AUSBT

Image: Georges Antony/ AUSBT

The new Qantas uniform that will be worn by 21,600 staff, designed by Martin Grant Image: Georges Antony/ AUSBT


Miranda Kerr opened the unveiling of the new QANTAS uniform, designed by Martin Grant. Image:

Miranda Kerr opened the unveiling of the new Qantas uniform, designed by Martin Grant. Image:

The critics

In her review, SMH fashion editor, Paula Joye, described the newly unveiled uniform “fashionable and with real versatility.” I agree and think that this new look will be solely responsible for an increase in the number of trench coats and trilby hats sold this season! A trench is a piece that can be worn to work on formal days or with jeans and a basic top or Casual Friday. As for the trilby, I believe that the people are becoming increasingly interested and comfortable wearing hats on the weekend, it’s only a matter of time before the look starts being embraced more for the work week.

Over on, Melissa Hoyer, appreciated designer Martin Grant’s vision for the nation’s airline:

“We are now playing on a global stage and we don’t need to take literal meanings into our uniform choices.

When Australian designer Peter Morrissey created the Qantas boomerang print, well over a decade ago, it fitted into that mode of post Sydney Olympics, loving-all-things-Aussie glory.

These new uniforms, designed by tailoring master Martin Grant put us on a grown up, global and stage equal to the rest of the world.

Not kitsch or cute, they are sophisticated, elegant and understated.”

On the Business Chic Facebook Page, BusiChic Fiona Kassimatis, commented that she found the new look “a lil Star Trekky.”

BusinessChic Facebook


Over on the Facebook page, a BusiChic commented that the new QANTAS uniform reminded her of Star Trek - I can see where she's coming from - what do you think?

Over on the Facebook page, a BusiChic commented that the new Qantas uniform reminded her of Star Trek – I can see where she’s coming from – what do you think?

Do you agree with Fiona and think the new Qantas uniform bears a resemblance to Star Trek’s?

There was a fair bit of fanfare for this new uniform which I suspect (am I too critical?) is part of Qantas’ strategy to redefine itself after its shaky operational and employment headlines of the last few years.

My favourite pieces are the trench and trilby; no surprise to long-time BusiChics who will know how I’d like to see more hats being worn properly and accompanying work attire! I was surprised to find out that the uniform colours are red, cerise pink and French Navy; am I the only one who thought that the base shade was black?

Runway vs Reality

You might be interested to hear that the slick of Qantas red in the uniform was complemented on the runway with Christian Louboutin pumps which fans will know have a signature red-sole. While Louboutins look GREAT on the runway, I’d hate to think how sore a poor hostie would get trying to work a whole flight in them – says me who has to wear orthotic-friendly shoes! Those of you who do not have a foot-style-handicap – pray tell! Do you think it’s possible to work on your feet all day whilst wearing Louboutins?

Want to inject some Qantas glamour into your workwear?

In an interview with the designer, Martin pointed out that prints date more quickly which is why he opted for this more graphic look. Look for minimalist styled pieces in block colours of red, cerise pink (which is a touch less brash than full hot pink, although it hasn’t been easy searching for “cerise pink” items for this story!) and of course, french navy!

I’ve had a browse of the internets to compile this Polyvore of pieces to incorporate Qantas’ new colour palette into your corporate wear. While the belt might be less convenient for hosties who need to pass through metal detectors, the resin bangle is a lovely piece of jewellery that you won’t have to take off everytime you get to the airport 😉

Inspired by new QANTAS uniform designed by Martin Grant




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Watch the unveiling of Qantas’ new uniform, features a sneak peek of Cate Blanchett sitting front row!

Clever PR move or genuinely needed update of Qantas’ image?

What do you think of the new Qantas uniform designed by Martin Grant?
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  1. I really love the new uniforms. I think the colour-blocked dresses are very stylish and the trenches are gorgeous! xx

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