Kiehl’s Melbourne Launch with Amazing Face Zoe Foster Blake

Greetings BusiChic,

What a week it’s been – have you had a good one?

Other than my blog going down for a little bit (sorry! I’m now talking to a professional to help mitigate the chance of this happening again!), I myself had a few exciting things happen this week.

I gave a talk this week to the Directions networking group sponsored by Ranstad – what a pleasure it was to get to speak to a whole roomful of stylish women about my favourite topic: what to wear to work! I’m waiting on photos from the event so that I can do a blogpost about the evening. Stay tuned!

I also went to Local Laughs at the Taphouse and came across brilliant comedians Ryan Coffey and Linda Beatty, the latter made the laughs runeth over with cheeky observations about fairytales whilst singing and strumming a harp! Such talent!

And the subject of this post, I attended the launch of the new Kiehl’s store at Melbourne Central that was officially opened by beauty and relationships writer, Zoe Foster Blake!

Kiehls Instagram Socials

My social snaps taken with my iPhone – might be time to find a phone with a better camera! Top: Zoe Foster Blake talking about her upcoming secret book! Bottom L-R: with Norlin from Baubles, Bubbles and Bags, Tine from Beautyholics Anonymous and Yishan from Beauty Swatch; with eccenterrica and finally with the Masterchef girls , Julia Taylor, Kylie Millar and Alice Zaslavsky!

I’m a big fan of Zoe’s writing, particularly having enjoyed Textbook Romance which she wrote with her now-betrothed, Hamish Blake!

zoe foster blake kiehls launch

Zoe Foster Blake cutting the ribbon at the Kiehl’s Melbourne store launch. Photo: Meagan Harding

Zoe Foster Blake & Cheryl Lin

My squeee moment! Zoe’s fun-but-factual voice in her beauty book, Amazing Face, makes her feel like you’re getting beauty advice from a near-and-dear girlfriend. So you can imagine the lines of people jostling to get a photo with “their BFF”, Zoe! Photo: Meagan Harding

What I bought

I purchased Kiehl’s Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream and Line Reducing Eye Brightening Concentrate – both Zoe and my photographer/stylist/makeup/skincare wunder-friend, Meagan Harding, highly recommend the Kiehl’s BB Cream. Zoe has included it in her new Amazing Face app (produced by Penguin, available for $4.49 on iTunes) that I first read about on The Design Files. I once sent Meagan a long message about how I was struggling to understand and find a good BB cream. On the night, Meagan tapped me on the shoulder, “Chez, this is a good one. A really really good one.” As for the eye cream – I’m 30 now, the time that all the mags seem to start saying that I should get one but wasn’t until this night when I my casual mention that I wasn’t using one seemed to strike collective fear across the faces of both Meagan and the Kiehl’s white coats! So with their help, I purchased this lightweight concentrate which I was also shown how to apply, as per the Kiehls’ website: “Pat gently with fingertip along the orbital bone and on the upper eyelid, without pulling skin.”

Thank you AMPR for the invitation, Kiehl’s for the advice and Meagan Harding for  use of the social snaps in this post- see the full album on the StyleZilla’s Facebook – featuring this super cute behind-the-scenes snap of newly-wed Zoe and Hamish!

The new Kiehl’s Melbourne store is at Melbourne Central and best entered via Little Lonsdale street.
Kiehl’s Melbourne
Ground Floor, Shop 22, 211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne
(Little Lonsdale Entrance)


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  1. SQUEE indeed! I have such a girl crush on Zoe. She always looks like perfection. What a dame!

    How is the BB cream? I saw it on the Amazing Face app and have been meaning to get in there and try it out!

    • Hey Emma- extra SQUEE from me- I love your work and am excited to see you stopping by BusiChic!
      Ok so I have been trialling the BB cream and here’s my verdict after 3 full days of use:

      1. At $36, I think it’s great value and love that it is already SPF30+ so I no longer need a separate sunscreen. Light is a great colour match for me.

      2. I like the “coverage” makes my skin look better and I only need a touch of concealer for extra coverage where I need it ie spots. I also need a pat of powder in places as this formula is lovely and dewy but a little shiny in places like on my chin.

      3. Uh-oh, spots! After Day 1 of wearing I found new blemishes in two places that I don’t normally break out which I’m attributing to the cream. That said my skin reacts to new things so I have kept wearing and note I haven’t broken out anywhere else yet so my skin might already be getting used to the cream- which within 3 days is pretty good for me. If it was really troublesome, I’d have broken out more by now.

      So all up, I like it enough to keep wearing. I hope that helps, let us know how you go! Xx

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