Press: Madison magazine & the Market Insider tour!

Happy Weekend, BusiChic!


Greetings to you from my current location in Bali! Oh my, I feel really mean for saying that and all I can say is consider this a kind reminder to book in some R&R for yourself soon!


Being on holiday for almost a full-day is making space in my brain to get to reflect on things: to celebrate some wins, reflect on where I can improve things and where I'd like to go to next.


In terms of successes, thank you Jen from geisker for reminding me to answer a SourceBottle query that has led to my being on page 82 of Madison magazine's May issue on stands now! I talk about my split-life: IT auditor by day but feeling creatively fulfilled by having this blog. I've been doing a few talks recently and it has been really great to hear others enjoying that story and seeking to do it in their own lives. More than inspiring style, it's inspiring others to make changes in their own lives to go do their thing that keeps me most excited about the progress I hope to make with BusinessChic.


Speaking of which, I'm looking forward to helping reshape perceptions of Queen Victoria Market. As a Market Insider I'll be sharing the stylish stall holders offering great value for fashionistas who also enjoy good cheese, wine and borek! Join me on May 4, in the lead up to Mothers' Day!

Book tickets here!


In terms of what I need to improve upon. My goodness I have a long list! However it is time for holiday so I'm going to try restore my brain and energy levels so that I return refreshed and ready.


How are you spending your weekend? Have you made plans to have a relaxing holiday, yourself?




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