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I remember hearing about a talk that the clever Kate Vandermeer of The SuperCool once gave about the influence of fashion not only on our clothes but on interior design. So it has been with some pleasure that I’ve noticed more and more fashion magazines providing increasing space to stylish interiors. Personally I love to have friends over but also to visit the homes of friends both locally and abroad to share and see how we each decorate our public and private spaces. So you can imagine my delight when the kind folks at Penguin asked whether I’d like to review the new and first book from Shaynna Blaze, Design Your Home. 

Design Your Home - the first book from interior designer, Shaynna Blaze.

Design Your Home – the first book from interior designer, Shaynna Blaze.


I confess, I do not have payTV and have never seen hit series, Selling Houses Australia, which Shaynna presents (or her new program that I shamefully have forgotten the name of – help?!). However I have followed her tweets on for years now (!) where I enjoy her tweets which make her come across as an awesome woman who is clever and knowledgeable in many things but particularly in her field of  interior design. There are few better ways to get to know a person than through their home and Shaynna dispenses her advice on how to design rooms within your space, accompanied with photography of her past work. A feast for the residential-interiors-curious like myself!

Design Your Home - creating a space for your home office - by Shaynna Blaze

Design Your Home – creating a space for your home office – by Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna’s book works through the different spaces in the home. From public spaces (e.g. loungerooms) to private spaces (e.g. bedrooms), reading Design Your Home is like having your best girlfriend tell you in practical terms what the rules are but best of all – how YOU can BREAK them! It’s a method that I apply to my wardrobe so I much enjoyed Shaynna’s advice on how to apply to building my perfect interiors – something which I hope that I’m not too far away from 😉

Perhaps it’s not too surprising that my favourite section of Shaynna’s book looks at creating the home office. I mean just look at the above image! Playful but serious, I could recreate the points here or direct you to the May issue of Madison magazine where Shaynna shares her top tips for creating the space. Yes, I’m on page 82 but Shaynna’s page is truly tear-outable! Inspired by Shaynna’s tips for creating a pleasurable space to get some work done, here are some things I’ll be including in my dream home office space:


Shaynna Blaze | Design Your Home | Office

Vision Board and Pen from kikki k – I received one of these pens (I think it’s this one) in a showbag at LMFF and loved it so much I want to buy more. There are few things as pleasurable as scrawling a note with a good pen!
Women in Business Manifesto by Clare Lancaster. The site is currently down but read about in this lovely post by Nikki of Styling You.

Design Your Home is a wonderful resource for the time-poor stylish bloke or dame who is looking for practical ways to create a home that reflects her lifestyle and personality. Quite clever really and a great gift for your  best gal or boy pal – or Mum – Mothers’ Day is just around the corner, afterall!

Design Your Home is on sale now at good book stores. Read more on Penguin’s site!

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