Behind-the-scenes: Madison May 2013

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This post is a behind-the-scenes of an intereview in the May issue of Madison magazine – see me featured on page 82!


Madison Magazine May 2013

Madison May 2013 Sophie Miura

That’s me on page 82 of Madison magazine – I think that today might be the last day to pick it up at your local servo or newsagent!

After answering her call-out on Source Bottle, features writer, Sophie Miura included me in this piece that looks at people like me who get their creative hit outside of work hours.

Why I blog:

I love a quote I came across in 2010 from Rufus Black, Rhodes Scholar, man with a varied career and current master of Ormond college. It’s been some time now and I cannot recall the quote verbatim but I believe it went something along the lines of:

“Life isn’t just about the one job, it’s about pursuing your passions at the very edge of your capabilities”

I agree and believe in this a lot. I also believe strongly in the importance of education; however have never much appreciated the stress that is put on one’s profession. This includes students who are pressured to choose “the right course” at a time that they might (I know that I did) have a pretty limited world-view and professionals who may feel stuck in their profession for life. I don’t believe that things have to be like that. There are lots of ways to pursue our passions and I feel pretty blessed that one way is that anyone can simply start a blog to get their creative juices flowing.

I find that there are lots of benefits of blogging on the side of a full-time profession job. Some transferrable skills from my professional job that assist my blog include time management and liaising with multiple stakeholders to achieve desired outcomes. It also means that I have a regular income to pay the mortgage but also get to pursue my interests in photography, writing, fashion, marketing and social media. On the other side, having my creative outlet makes me more motivated at work and helps with developing more innovative, “outside of the box” solutions. When I’m not tired (i.e. exhausted after my exhibition in March), I get home from work where I’ve spent a full-day on the computer, excited to turn on my laptop to work on my blog. Sure it means that I don’t get much sleep. Sure it’s a challenge to find time to blog, especially now that on top of catching up with friends, I’ve a wonderful boyfriend who like me enjoys spending countless hours exploring our city. But for the moment, I’d say that I’m in a pretty sweet spot.

My advice:

My advice to anyone who has been thinking about starting a blog is, just get started. The very first blog posts on BusinessChic were pretty basic. The appearance of the blog is constantly evolving (stay tuned – I’m pretty excited about a new look we’ll be unveiling soon-ish!). Get started, be open to improvement and keep on evolving!


So I enjoyed Sophie’s piece so much that I asked a few more questions to understand the behind-the-scenes of how it all came about.

1. What gave you the idea to write the story? 

A friend had recently started an online vintage clothing store and after watching her balance it with her career I became quite interested in writing a story about women doing similar side projects. I’d also just across a book called The Creative SEED: How to enrich your life through creativity about how to start your own project and why having a passion separate to your career is really beneficial, so it was perfect timing.

2. Did the piece go as you had envisioned? Was there anything that you learnt yourself or found particularly interesting? 

Whenever I write a story that focuses on case studies it’s difficult to predict how it will go. You always have a rough idea of what kind of people you want to find but it rarely goes according to plan. For this particular story I wanted to find women with inspiring stories to tell who manage the work/life balance exceptionally. I was quite surprised to get to know all four women and discover how different their stories are (and how uniquely they all manage to balance a creative project and career). It definitely made me want to kick start my own project. And after speaking to these women about what they pack into this day I don’t think I’ll ever say that I don’t have enough time to do something I love. That’s been the biggest lesson.

3. Do you yourself have a side project that you can tell BusinessChic readers more about?

For a while I partnered with my best friend to launch a fashion and lifestyle website but it’s still very much in the works. A couple of other projects I’d love to get started on is learning French (I did lessons last year and still need to practice!) and doing sailing lessons (I came back from a sailing trip in Croatia last year and vowed that next time I return to Dubrovnik I’ll be sailing my own ship)!

4. Your own favourite blogs, sites, books, quotes?  

Blog: My friend Liz Elton, who is also madison’s associate art director, edits the most amazing fashion blog called I’m usually flat out during the working week so I sign up to the site’s email blasts. They’re an easy way to stay on top of fashion news.

Website: I’m obsessed with– a website that mirrors what madison offers, intelligent, insightful and inspiring content for Australian women, and, a great source of career tips.

Books: At the moment I’m addicted to Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. It’s changed my attitude to working. I’ve told all my friends to read it.

Quotes: I love Marcel Proust’s quote: The voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. I like to keep it pinned above my desk to encourage me to see the world differently. 

5. Style icons or inspiration for your own work style?

Oliva Palermo as featured on

Sophie Miura’s style inspiration- Oliva Palermo as featured on

Miroslava as photographed by

Miroslava Duma as photographed by Lee Oliveira

My style is quite polished and sometimes preppy. I love Olivia Palermo for her demure sense of style and also follow former Harpers Bazaar Russia editor Miroslava Duma on Instagram. She’s really playful with her outfits and is great for quick style inspiration.


Twitter: @sophiemisa

Instagram: sophiemiura


Thank you so much Sophie for taking the time to respond to my questions. All the best with the final issue of Madison magazine coming out this week as well as exciting times with Elle, later this year! x


As super sad as it is that Madison is closing (I’ve received so many texts and emails from BusiChics who are subscribers and readers of the mag- thank you!), I’m looking forward to seeing the new Elle title in Australia. Not long until that’s on shelves now!


So what do you think about having pursuits outside of work? Do you? Have you been thinking about it? I’d love to hear from you!

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