Vivian Mansour at Voices of 2013

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How was your weekend?

I spent mine in Sydney for Voices of 2013. I feel very honoured to be included in the list of Top 25 Fashion and Style bloggers – but more on that later. There were lots of wonderful bloggers at the Voices of event and I jumped at the chance to photograph BusiChic outfits which I will be sharing with you this week; a great mix of ideas on what to wear to a conference, if I say so myself! Today I’m featuring the style of one attendee whose style I thought was wonderful inspiration for those interested in wearing longer skirt styles: Vivian Mansour of Ish and Chi.

BusinessChic Voices of 2013 Vivian Mansour ishandchi

Vivian Mansour of Ish and Chi, wears a Contemporary Business Wear ensemble. Note how she balances out a long-sleeved and longer pencil-skirt with super-strappy high-heeled sandals which is the key to keeping the look fresh and chic.

BusinessChic #Voicesof2013 Vivian Mansour BusinessChic Voices of 2013 Vivian Mansour ishandchi

Vivian wears ASOS embroidered Lace Collar  jumper (also available in grey)ASOS pencil skirt in leather and Hostage High Heeled Sandals.

Voices of 2013 consisted of a Blogging Master class and a gala evening. Vivian sat on the Blogging 101 panel in the masterclass and I was heartened to learn that she also works in IT as a Project Manager. See, I’m not the only person in IT who has a creative streak! 😉

Voices of 2013 Blogging 101

Clockwise from top: The Blogging 101 panel (L-R): Vivian Mansour of Ish and Chi, Jen of Interiors Addict and Rebecca of Wee Birdy moderated by the fantabulous Pip Lincolne of Meet me at Mike’s, Lexy Brooks – editor of Kid Spot; Beautiful blooms which according to Wee Birdy’s Instagram were by The Flower Drum – the dame seems to know everything and as the flowers were jaw-droppingly gawjus, I’ve no reason to doubt it; and key-note speaker Hailey Bartholomew of 365 Grateful and many splendid things– someone new to add to the HERO list! Sidenote: Voices of 2013 was held at Megan Morton’s The School – I was very, very excited to be in Megan’s beautiful space.

Things I learnt from the Blogging 101 panel:

  1. To avoid having an ugly-arse blog, keep fonts simple, easy to navigate and make content and beautiful images the focus.
  2. Blog headlines that make good copy, aren’t necessarily good for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). That said, do try to make headings easy for readers to find  e.g. “How to make a crochet blanket” vs “Wooly bits!”
  3. A technical one – using the “alt text” field in images will help people find your images in Google Images. – great tip from someone in the crowd (who was that?)!
  4. Don’t just wait for traffic to come to you, you have to do something about it!
  5. “The internet is forever.” – Vivian Mansour
  6. “Your blog will take you places. Let it.” – Pip Lincolne.

Unfortunately I was also nursing a hangover so my notes aren’t quite complete. Help? What do you think bloggers should know? Or share one thing that you’d like me to tweak here on BusinessChic? I think it’s time to start making some tweaks, don’t you? That said, one of the tweaks I had planned was to completely change my blog header so that I’m no longer on it – the folks I ran this by over the weekend thought that was a terrible idea – what do you think?

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  1. Oh Viv is just gorgeous isn’t she? As are you! X

  2. Ahhh, Viv looked amazing in that incredible leather pencil skirt, didn’t she? Great photos, and it was so lovely to finally meet you. X

  3. Thanks for the mention and lovely to meet you! Viv looks effortlessly glam as usual!

  4. Gosh. Isn’t Viv a complete DOLL. I loved her outfits too. You took such great photos, Cheryl!

    Cintia from My Poppet had that great alt text tip!

    I love your event round-up! It’s taking me back to the good old days… well… to the weekend, actually! xx

    • Thanks Pip – for your comment and for all of your hard work (and the Kid Spot team’s!) preparing this event – it really was wonderful.
      And clever Cintia- I couldn’t see her from where I was sitting so thank you for letting me know! xx

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