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In this mid-week post, I am continuing to share work conference style inspiration from the Voices of 2013 blog conference that I went to over the weekend. Being held on the weekend, there was lots of scope for bloggers to show up in their regular weekend wear; I know that I did! But let’s face it, not all conferences are super formal. In this vein, I’d like to share a great MUFTI/Smart Casual outfit that also shows how one can avoid wearing black and still create a smart ensemble for meeting colleagues as well as presenting.

BusiChic Louisa Claire

Louisa Claire of LouisaClaire.com and BrandMeetsBlog.com avoids wearing black at a working/blogging conference.

BusinessChic Louisa Claire accessories

ow great are Louisa’s vibrant accessories? Her necklace is from MummaBubba – I’m not a Mum yet myself but I’m tempted to enter Louisa’s giveaway!

In addition to her own blog, Louisa runs blogger outreach agency, Brand Meets Blog, which puts her in the digital marketing space. Louisa wears:

Bag is from Harvest Textiles
Earrings are Emily Green
Necklace is from Mumma Bubba for Boobie Beads
Jeans and Shirt are from Woolworths, South Africa
Shoes are NineWest (but terribly scuffed because they are years old)

Some quick questions with Louisa:

1. Favourite stores/brands for workwear?

My day involves a lot of running around with meetings sandwiched between school drops off and at the moment I am breastfeeding my baby too so I need to factor that into my outfit choice. I have been loving a lot of the new Sussan range recently – the colours, fit and versatility are great for me. Once I have a basic outfit I then like to use accessories to make it more fun and any chance I love any chance I get to support local designers – along with Harvest, MummaBubba and Emily Green I am also loving Bellebird Handmade.

2. Favourite quote?

I don’t know if this is a quote or not but I was really inspired listening to Hailey Bartholomew speak on the weekend when she said “If you keep looking at what everyone else has, you are going to miss out on what you have” – she was talking not about our possessions, though I think that’s still a relevant comment, but rather about who we are and what we have to offer the world. Very inspiring!


Voices of 2013 Blogs and Brands Panel: Brian Giesen, Lousia Claire, Stacey Roberts, Lexi Kentmann

Voices of 2013 Blogs and Brands Panel (L-R) Brian Giesen of Social@Ogilvy, Lousia Claire of Brand Meets Blog, Stacey Roberts of Veggie Mama and Lexi Kentmann of Pottymouthmama. A great panel that was moderated by the very excellent Bron from Maxabella who also shared thoughts from her own 20 years in marketing.

I found myself simply trying to absorb the panel’s words, rather than taking down any notes. That could also be the effect of my hangover – maybe I need to discuss helpful hangover strategies here for how to deal with them when you’re at a work conference and need to be *functional*? Ploughing ahead, the following points were impressed upon me:

  1. Brian Giesen – bloggers should make contact with PRs to say hello so that those bloggers are front of mind when the PRs are pitching to clients. Giesen shared that at Ogilvy, some clients are forward-thinking and actually asking for bloggers to be involved in the strategy and planning stages. Generally I’ve always been approached by PRs but will now start contacting PRs for brands that I’d like to work with, seems kind of obvious doesn’t it?!
  2. Louisa Claire – Louisa’s tips inspired me to check out her own site, and I found her vlog on the Know-Like-Trust factor quite interesting.
  3. Stacey Roberts (blogger): on working with brands – “if it feels icky, don’t do it.”
  4. Lexi Kentmann – Lexi wears two hats as a blogger and her day job in PR. In response to a question from Carly Findlay about whether bloggers should be paid to blog about charities – Lexi shared a story about how when working for a charity client, she tried to engage an influential blogger who asked to be paid to blog about the charity. As they had no budget, Lexi pitched the story to a number of other bloggers who were motivated by their connection with the charity which resulted with a better outcome and engaging posts. This reminds me of my recent blog post about YGAP.

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  1. I loved Louisa’s look, she was like sunshine on a rainy day. x

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