The Best [Work] Shoe Ever

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Welcome to Friday – we made it!

This week I’ve profiled the co-founders of online custom-shoe retailer, Shoes of Prey. Jodie kicked off the week in fine creative Corporate style and Smart Casual Michael followed on Wednesday.

And now today, I can’t believe it but gosh darn it – I’ve fallen for the retailer! This isn’t a sponsored post, I genuinely am a tragic and having too much fun designing shoes using the Shoes of Prey online tool. Plus all of this co-incides perfectly with The Best Shoe Ever competition that Shoes of Prey are running in conjunction with The Iconic and FAMOUS magazine!

Now I’m not sure about you but I’ve fallen into the habit of falling in love with a work shoe that I wear to death then spend ages trying to find a replacement for. Well I’ve since discovered that I can use Shoes of Prey to re-create those shoes or make tweaks to fully custom my own designs. This is consistent with – when I spoke with Pat in Marketing, he mentioned that in a recent survey, Shoes of Prey lovers mentioned that they enjoy using the site to design shoes for work.

Here is a pair inspired by a pair of orthotic ankle boots that I already practically live in and already own two pairs of – just in case either pair should expire 😉

Best Shoe Ever BusiChic Shoes of Prey Textured Oxfords Work Shoe


Here’s a just-for-fun pair incorporating some quirky print in a classic monochrome palette. Imagine these paired in the office with a LBD or peaking out from underneath a pant suit!

Best Shoe Ever BusiChic Shoes of Prey Oxford in print


I like seeing nice “toes” peaking out from underneath a great work trouser, so how about some navy patent leather & snakeskin beauties?:Best Shoe Ever BusiChic Shoes of Prey Snakeskin in Love


I’ve literally become obsessed with designing my perfect shoes for work and some play too 😉 If you enter your design into the  The Best Shoe Ever competition and are able to get the most votes, the winning design will be featured in FAMOUS magazine, go into production and be sold on The Iconic. Can you see how my addiction is being fed?!!

What fun things have you discovered this week? Hope you have a great weekend, BusiChics! x


PS: Shout-out to my cousin in Canada who has also become addicted to designing shoes and has been filling up my in-box by sharing her designs – love it!

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  1. That looks like so much fun! I’m definitely checking this out when I get home from work today.

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