Five things that keep me sane

Greetings BusiChic,

Happy Friday!

A different sort of post today because I’m getting slammed on all fronts and figure that I can’t be the only one or with year-end (for many of us) approaching next week, won’t be the only one for much longer!

busichic kat macleod gorman shoes

Ok it’s not ALL stress – happy retail therapy moment this week: Kat Macleod x Gorman Choose Your Own Adventure sneakers that I won on eBay recently. Yay for happy office deliveries!

1. Ujjayi breathing.

Stressed? Feeling tightness in the chest? Heck I’m so tight these days that I actually did my neck on the weekend whilst drying my hair!

If there’s one thing that I learnt from the time that I suddenly had to put a book and exhibition together whilst working an almost full-time job is, yoga helps me physically and to chill out by burnt-out brain. Whenever I’m stressed but don’t have the time to go to yoga I employ the Ujjayi breathing technique to expel stress, ground myself and refocus. Note: this breathing is noisy so you might want to go do this in a quiet place away from your colleagues. Unless they signed on to work alongside the deep-breathing Darth Vader!

For those of you recommend actually doing some exercise, rest assured that I’m making time for it and have just signed up for a 21-day yoga challenge starting this weekend.


2. Reconnecting

Great night out

Great night out with friends earlier this week.

I don’t live to work, I work to live and be around my loved ones. I’ve made the effort to plan catch ups with my family, friends and boyfriend. Here are some great ways that I’ve reconnected with loved ones:

  • Dinner with my favourite (only!) sibling: we cooked and ate together. The best.
  • Sitting on the couch with my Dad. I’ve reached this really nice stage with my parents where we can sit and hang out. It’s lovely.
  • Dinner with friends. There is truly nothing like a good catch up and lots of sharing and belly laughs (snorts even!) with my friends. THANKS GUYS!
  • Lunch/drinks with colleagues. I’ve some pretty ace work colleagues and I’m taking it upon myself to catch up with them outside of work. Yay new friends!
  • Date night with my boyfriend. It’s our one-year anniversary today! Yay us!
  • Me time. I love everyone but I also realise I need more me-time and geek time to look at my favourite blogs (presently losing my marbles over Lucy at The Design Files’ interview with the mind-blowingly talented Confetti System), follow interesting conversations on The Fetch’s LINKEDIN group page- only the amazing  Kate Kendall could make that happen! or to turn off all of the internets and read all of the magazines – this month’s Cosmo features a piece on awesome women like Kendall and went on to surprise me with how much I enjoyed some of the other feature articles.Oh my gosh and The Gentlewoman with Beyonce on the cover is all kinds of brilliant!)

3. Special projects

I’m out there and getting involved with some great things that take place in my favourite city. Naturally they’re taking time on top of everything else but oh my goodness, it is wonderful to be working on some pretty cool things. One of these things is taking place next Saturday so please save the date!

4. Get away

There are so many lovely spots that are out of town enough to get away and smell the fresh country air. We recently spent a weekend just outside of Kyneton that recharged the batteries beautifully.


Time out at the Lauriston reservoir, inspecting bejewelled spiderwebs.

Time out at the Lauriston reservoir, inspecting bejewelled spiderwebs.

Lauriston greys

Morning mist in the country.

busichic Kyneton blue and gold

Bird flying over Autumn-gold branches

Kyneton sunset

Kyneton sunset

5. The Kid President Pep Talk

And sometimes when I’ve run myself ragged I need to bring things back down to basics and remind myself what this is all for. Kid President’s pep talk here does just that:

How do you recharge or stay sane?

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  1. Thanks for the pep talk Cheryl! I went to the Peninsula Hot Springs yesterday, and it was a great way to regain my sanity. Sitting in the hot pools, all the stress just melted away and I was left with a nice warm glow. I highly recommend it.

    • Glad that you enjoyed the pep talk too, Simone! And thanks for the heads up on the Hot Springs – sounds perfect. Hope that you’re still basking in the after glow 😉

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