The perfect wiggle work frock

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Last post in this short working week as I don’t know about you but things are crazy busy for me at the moment! This post today is dedicated to the perfect wiggle frock. The style is called the wiggle because of the narrow cut about the knees. Choose a fabric with some stretch should you wish to stride unencumbered.

Did you know that Nigella Lawson wore a wiggle dress on a US TV show earlier this year and sparked a frenzy for the style?

Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson working the wiggle dress that has sparked a frenzy in the US

There are lots of fabulous women out there embracing their curves much in the way of Joan Holloway in the fabulously stylish series, Mad Men. Here’s a little collage of actress, Christina Hendricks, rocking the wiggle.

Collage of the perfect wiggle work frock-wearer, Joan Holloway as played by Christina Hendricks in the series, "Mad Men". Collage: The Cardigan Empire

Collage of the perfect wiggle work frock-wearer, Joan Holloway as played by Christina Hendricks in the series, “Mad Men”. Collage: The Cardigan Empire

I photographed Lucy at a recent viewing of The Great Gatsby organised by Lala productions. Post-work, Lucy is the epitome of chic, topping of her wiggle work frock with a black coat flung stylishly around her shoulders.

Business Chic Lucy

BusiChic Lucy watch

BusiChic Lucy bag

Where to get a wiggle frock:

So what makes a wiggle frock perfect for work?

Done well I think that it is a great look for the wintry season and transfers perfectly from work to after-work events. The cut is form-fitting so I like how Lucy has opted for a high-neck option for the office. Personally I like to throw a cardigan about the shoulders which I fasten with a sweater guard to tone down the curves and I’ve recently started experimenting with light knit jumpers layered over the top and belted.

What do you think of the wiggle frock?


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  1. I love a wiggle frock. They make me feel womanly and powerful, even though I actually have no curves to speak of, and I can’t walk properly.

    • Thanks sunshine! I recommend seeking out wiggle frocks in stretchy fabrics to help you walk properly – nothing worse than missing your train because you couldn’t get to it in time!

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