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Now that I’ve started contributing to Women’s Agenda, I feel like I have more reason to pursue the professional women I admire most to photograph their workwear style. They are accomplished and impressive figures and so it’s an honour both for my brain and workwear-eye to get to meet them. If you have a heroine I should photograph – please let me know!

Long time BusiChics may recall the time Suzanne Carbone mentioned my project, The Little Black Dress Project in Postcode 3000. Today I’m very excited to feature the fabulous woman herself and her wonderfully colourful Smart Casual workwear!

Business Chic Womens Agenda Suzanne Carbone

Suzanne Carbone as I featured her for Women’s Agenda earlier this week.

BusiChic Suzanne Carbone Postcode 3000 details

Suzanne wears:

Sunglasses: Prada
 decjuba – see how the blazer adds structure to Suzanne’s outfit and the print adds another point of interest and is cleverly tied in together with the top and jeans in referencing colours? 
Earrings: Anna Davern
 ( or purchase via Alice Euphemia – stunning!)
Face Off
vintage belt from my aunt
Vera May
Jeans: American Apparel
 – high-waisted jeans, slimming – “best jeans in the world” claims Suzanne and I agree that they look great!
French gold coin bangle from Shag 
Filippo Raphael

Business Chic Postcode 3000 Suzanne Carbone Taxi

“Buy good basics in lots of colours” advises Suzanne. I love how Suzanne’s workwear adds colour to the grey streets of our city!


I think that a key part of Suzanne’s workwear chic is her fabulous hair and cosmetics so I asked her what she recommends:

  • Hair product: Moroccan argan oil
  • Cosmetics: MAC matte lipstick in “Kind of Sexy”, Napoleon bronzer and rouge and L’Oreal eyeshadow.
Business Chic Suzanne Carbone

Suzanne has her finger on the pulse for on all things Melburnian which means that she has lots of meetings. Rather than coffee at every stop, Suzanne starts the morning with one espresso and follows up with “green tea and lots of water- warm water.” Gosh and how rocking are those Anna Davern earrings?! I love the scale and colour!

5 minutes with Suzanne Carbonne:

Suzanne’s workplace dresscode at Fairfax can be quite casual which she thinks is “pretty good because you can’t be “on” all of the time – the focus is on the job.” That said she agrees that there is a relationship between looking good and feeling good “dressing down can bring you down.” And how does she transition from the casual workplace to one of the many glamorous events on around town?  “I feel like I’m travelling all the time- spare clothes and shoes in the car and office.” I know that feeling and I’m sure I’m not the only one! 😉

Suzanne’s advice for building a good Smart Casual wardrobe is basic:  “get good basics in lots of colours”. Then it’s time for some statement pieces: sunglasses, earrings, shoes- “it just feels’more real like that. Instead of being dictated to, you find your own path.” What great advice. I know that I need more colour in my own wardrobe (I generally rely on lipsticks do that) but will now be keeping an extra eye out for colourful basics at the sales that are now on everywhere!

BusiChic Cheryl Lin Postcode 3000 Suzanne Carbone

I wish I’d combed my hair for this shot – a happy snap with Suzanne post our shoot. I’m clutching the newspaper that Suzanne autographed for me 🙂 Thanks Suzanne!

If you would like to hear more from Suzanne, make sure you read her column Postcode 3000 in The Age and follow her on

//Thanks Suzanne for allowing me to photograph you for BusinessChic and for agreeing to my geeky request and autographing my copy of your column, Postcode 3000!

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  1. The only thing that I can say about Suzanne is “she knows her style”. She knows how to play it with herself and design her own wear. The use of her blazer to match her shirt is brilliant!

  2. You’re so cute Cheryl. Live the little exposé on Suzanne. Nice one.

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