Five products that get me from yoga to work

A quick post today as I spent last night over on my other blog talking about how I got bitten by monkeys earlier this year when I went to the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, Bali!

It’s week 1 of the new financial year and I’m still keeping up my EOFY Resolutions! While it hasn’t been easy converting my night-owl ways to early-bird ones so that I can make the 6.15am yoga class, here are some products that help me get my post-yoga-tush out the door to work:

BusiChic beautiy

Some of the products that help get me from yoga to work in jiffy!


1. GHD Hair Straightener

OMG life saver! I never used a hair straightener before the awesome folks at GHD sent me  one to trial and I am converted! My hair straightener smooths out my post-yoga bun kinks beautifully and quickly meaning that I don’t have to wash my hair so often. Doing a 21-day yoga challenge, it’s really nice to have some easy tricks like this so I don’t have to wash my hair every day.

2. Dry shampoo

If my straightened hair looks a little greasy – a liberal spray and brush out of this product is all I need to have fresh-looking hair without the wash&blowdry fuss. Yes I know that I should use the version for black hair but Klorane is often sold in value packs and if there’s one thing I like, it’s value!

3. Pill container

I could have also included a bottle of water in this photo as taking in fluids after a big yoga sesh helps keep me feeling alive! I also like to use this bejewelled watermelon that my Oma gave me (gifted because I said I liked it – how amazing are Omas!) to remind me to take all my multivitamin, propolis and fish oil tablets.  Goodness knows I’m loving the extra energy from yoga and supplements!

4. Lanolips

This product smells good, feels instantly healing on the lips and I only need a little of it which means LOVE. I received the Lemonaid Lip Aid with Organic Lemon Oil in the Voices of 2013 conference gift bag and I am so converted. Dream product! I also love CocoLee’s interview with creator Kirsten Carriol – a blog by Nedahl Stelio, ex Editor of Cleo magazine. As a blogger who is interested in getting into magazines, I’m endlessly fascinated by those like Stelio going the other way!

5. Little Black Dress Project book

I’ve been quite shy about talking about my book now that it’s here but through this morning rush have been pleasantly surprised how helpful it is to flick through the looks section.

The GHD doesn’t take long to heat up but in that time, I can flick through all 52 looks and get an idea of what I want to throw on over my LBD for work. So easy. Now out in both physical and eBook versions!

Buy The Little Black Dress Project Book!

The Little Black Dress Project book

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That’s my list- what are your go-to products for getting from work-out to work in the morning?


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  1. Kelly Fox says

    I would have to agree with a GHD. They take about 10 seconds to heat up which is great when you’re in a hurry!

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