Leeyong Soo and The Ethics of Style

A post today for any creatively-inclined BusiChics who wish to try their hand at fashion design and illustration!

Do you have clothes that you’ve been meaning to tweak? A dress to shorten or an interesting DIY that you’ve been meaning to execute but could do with some expert oversight? Meet my friend Leeyong Soo who is one of the most creative and stylish workers I know plus a stylist at Peppermint Magazine and a DIY style blogger at Style Wilderness. Leeyong is holding a refashioning workshop on Saturday 20 July as part of The Ethics of Style exhibition on now at The Light Factory Gallery!

BusiChic Leeyong Clothing Exchange

I photographed Leeyong Soo at the Clothing Exchange event I blogged about earlier this week. Leeyong is  wearing a jacket that she refashioned using a pair of little-worn socks – so crafty! Learn from Leeyong at the refashioning workshop she’s holding later this month as part of The Ethics of Style exhibition.

The Ethics of Style Poster Final

The Ethics of Style is an exhibition that explores the relationship between sustainability and wearable art.

Curated by Sigrid McCarthy, the aim is to highlight the notion that sustainable fashion can engage in creativity while also being functional, stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

The exhibition consists of 2D and 3D art, featuring the work of six fashion illustrators (Michel Canetti, Kerrie Hess, Christine Pan, Angie Rehe, Caitlin Shearer and Edwina White.) and three sustainable fashion designers (Gemma AnastasiouRachael Cassar and Joseph Jang).

Joseph Jang Look 3 (Handpainted Calico & Denim Dress)

Joseph Jang’s avant garde design – the designer refashioned secondhand denim jeans found in op shops, turning them into this beautiful dress!

Angie Rehe Night Out

Fashion illustrator Angie Rehe (who also illustrated my book, The Little Black Dress Project!), is exhibiting in this show as well as holding a fashion illustration class on Saturday 27 July!

A considered celebration of fashion design and illustration that you can quite literally sink your hands into!

 For details of Leeyong’s Refashioning Workshop, Angie’s Fashion illustration class and The Ethics of Style exhibition, visit The Light Factory Gallery.


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