The creative accountant

Who says that accountants can’t have fun with what they wear to work?

Today’s case in point is the delightful Lucille who has fun with her workwear by using unexpected sources, textures and colours to create a conservative ensemble that has oodles of personality.

Business Chic Lucille

BusiChic Lucille BusiChic Lucille details BusiChic Lucille Hair

Lucille wears Jono Hennessy glasses cardigan from Victoria and Woods, Gorman shirt, Cue skirt, and Swedish Hasbeens.

Lucille works for one of the Big Four professional service firms and describes her workwear style as “corporate with a bit of colour.” Her favourite sources for workwear are as above plus Incu. For cosmetics, Lucille recommends MAC for make-up, OPI  for colourful nails and Aesop hand cream.


Do you dress more creatively than people seem to expect for your profession? 


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  1. I sure do! I’ve ditched the traditional corporate suite for a dressy blazer, printed pants and a bold lippy.

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