Trend alert: White shoes at work

In interviews I’m often asked: “what would you say are the workplace fashion faux-pas, things that people should never wear to work?”

I’m often tempted to answer, “white shoes.”

I once saw a woman emerged from the lifts wearing a short skirt, black pantyhose and very high and scuffed patent-leather-looking pointy toe pumps. That the material looked more like PU and had the tell-tale wrinkling of poor workmanship didn’t help; neither the fact that they were cracked at the toe revealing the dark underlay; or that they appeared to be big for her petite feet. I felt that the shoes didn’t do justice to her awesomeness; the impression it left has been lasting and unfortunate!

The reason why I never answer the interview question with a set list of answers is because I’ve also learnt to never say never. As someone who likes to push the boundaries myself, I believe that it’s all about choosing the “right white shoe” and doing it well. I was interested to read recently that fashion writer, Maggie Alderson, recently given her ok and presumably, her own credit-card-approval, to the trend; despite also for decades having misgivings about the style.

Why you should consider white pointed shoes for work

I also don’t like aerobics but recently pushed myself to try a class and found that while it was rather odd, I liked it (specifically the Les Mills Sh!Bam class – in case you’re wondering). So here’s a list of reasons why I think one should consider this trend for the office:

  1. Monochrome trend: wearing black and white ensembles is very in right now.
  2. Sure it’s a trend but you actually genuinely enjoy wearing black and white to work. 
  3. Oh look, you’re looking to change your style so why not start with a new pair of shoes!

I challenged myself to find white-shoes-for-work inspiration on the interwebs. Rather conveniently those very clever trend-setters at My Wardrobe had created this rather convincing case for the pointy toe white pump:



White shoes at work


More White Pointy Toe Pumps

I believe that when it comes to shoes, it’s important to buy quality. Note that a high-price does not always mean good workmanship and it definitely doesn’t mean that the shoes will be good for your feet. In fact quality high heels are known to have damaged the feet of many a woman, including Victoria Beckham, who in 2009 had to undergo surgery for bunions. Crikey!

That said, if you’ve managed to damage your feet to optimal-I-can-wear-any-shoe condition, here are some other pointy toe styles that you might like to try:

Spurr Tama Heel

Tama Spurr Point Heels at The Iconicsophia webster Lola Leather PumpsSophia Webster at Net-a-Porter 

asos sonic pointed heels

ASOS SONIC Pointed Shoes

What do you think of the white shoes at work trend? Is it one that you will be or are already rocking?

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  1. I’m all for white shoes at work!


  2. Ok I’m showing my age here but when I was first in the workforce in the 80’s white court shoes were a wardrobe staple especially in Spring / Summer. I tended to wear them with pastels though (another big 80s trend) rather than black or dark colours. Would I wear them again? As you say – never say never!

    • Janet, thank you for sharing – any chance that you have photos of your white-shoe-work-ensembles? White and pastels do sound lovely and I have no doubt that finding a modern silhouette (sorry shoulder pads!), you could have another go! For example a white shirt tucked into a lemon-yellow pencil skirt and pointy white shoes?

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