Meet the designer: Kara Baker

The onslaught of new fashions for Spring and Summer is already underway with the high street stocked and ready for consumption. However for those of you interested in timeless design that doesn’t date and beautiful fabrics, consider this your introduction to Melbourne designer, Kara Baker.

kara baker collection aw2007

Kara Baker Autumn/Winter 2007

kara baker aw11_12

Kara Baker Autumn/Winter 2012

Kara Baker Salon

The designer, Kara Baker, in her city salon.

Kara Baker’s salon in the city receives such beautiful light that it feels like it is suspended in the trees and even, in time.

“I believe that if you design something well, it can be right for at least a decade ” – Kara Baker

Rigorously technically trained in pattern-making and construction, Kara uses her exceptional technical skills and significant experience in the fashion industry to create quarterly collections that are sold by appointment to private clients. I visited Kara in her salon late last month to see how she has created “the salon experience of traditional European couture for contemporary fashion literate women.”

Kara Baker salon

Visitors to Kara Baker’s salon are treated to a viewing of her collection amongst wonderful books and art.

Kara Baker and Dante

Kara’s collections showcase her artistic flair but truly the best thing about Kara’s collections is that she can redesign anything that you like from any of her previous seasons. “I had a woman come in who had been wearing the same pants for years and they’ve finally worn in so she’s asked me to make her the exact pair again because she knows how good they are.” Seriously, the number of times I’ve sadly had to retire favourite pieces, despairing about whether I’ll ever find something as near-perfect again – Kara’s a godsend!

Her designs can be easily tailored for the office, “I have lawyers and professional girls come to me to get their suits made. And lots of tops to wear under their suits which they can they wear out to dinner.”  The only limitation being the fabrics which come from her own collection of rather special fabrics. That said, Kara is able to advise on appropriate fabrics to have garments made up in to suit the season and the occasion. So good!

kara baker summer 2011_13

Kara Baker Summer 2011-13

Kara Baker Salon

Kara showing a blouse in the same cut as the one she wears in the photo above (or 2!) but in a different fabric which lends itself to more leisurely occasions.

kara baker summer 2010

Kara Baker Summer 2010 – featuring a neckline that looks very this-season Prada!

BusiChic Kara Baker

“I believe that if you design something well, it can be right for at least a decade ”- Kara Baker wearing her own designs.

An appointment in Kara’s salon is a very special experience – worlds away from the hustle, bustle and stress of a shopping mall where I’ve yet to find attendants anywhere as knowledgeable about fabric or fit!

Visit Kara Baker’s site and make sure that you sign up for the newsletter to receive exclusive invitations to viewings in her salon – so chic!


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  1. I love this! I am definitely going to check her studio out. Such stylish elegance with gorgeous shapes and colours. Thanks for the tip!

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