The Curator: Paola di Trocchio

Paola di Trocchio is the Fashion and Textiles curator at the National Gallery of Victoria. I had the pleasure of meeting Paula during Penthouse Mouse House events that were on as part of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival and am very excited that she will also be moderating the panel that I’m speaking on at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival on later this month. Here’s a look at what Paola wears to work plus an interview that includes some details about the very exciting Art Deco exhibition that Paola is working on!

BusiChic Paola


Looking for alternative to wearing jeans to work? I love how Paola is working classic tailore pants in a stunning brocade-like fabric. The belted blazer adds structure and formality to her ensemble.BusiChic Paola di trocchio detail 017-2

5 minutes with Paola di Trocchio

What are you looking forward to seeing at MWF? You and Mel Campbell in, Out of Shape, thought-provoking conversation over current dilemmas of fashion and sizing. And then there’s Paulina De Laveaux on beautiful books. Anne Summers on Feminism. The Moth on storytelling. The program is a winner.

Best career advice you’ve received? Life is long ie there’s time for everything

Favourite quote? Everything is exactly as its meant to be ie, make the most of your current good fortunes whatever they may be

Magazines, sites, blogs that keep you inspired? Fashion exhibition catalogues keep me inspired, like Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Or designer monographs like Lanvin by Dean L . Merceron

Can you tell us more about the upcoming Art Deco exhibition that you are working on at the NGV? What can we look forward to seeing? Edward Steichen and Art Deco Fashion opens at the NGV on 18 October. It includes over 200 photographs by Vogue and Vanity Fair photographer, Edward Steichen, alongside over 40 stunning Art Deco fashion garments and accessories. The fashion garments and accessories are from the NGV collection and many of them haven’t been on display for a very long time. One of the most striking aspects is the vibrant colour combinations as well as the unusual materials. We have a tippet and muff made out of acid green and black monkey fur! Stunning.


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