Shoesday: Kate Spade New York Shoes

Today’s Shoesday is for the creative, arty-farty type who likes novelty and wearing fun things to work. In other words today’s shoe is for ME!

Kate Spade is known for her pitch-perfect preppy lines of clothing and homewares but golly does the American house do irreverent well as shown by these shoes from the Autumn/Winter 2013 collection:

Kate Spade New York Taxi Flats

Kate Spade Go Taxi Flat via zappos

Kate Spade Gooey Flats

Kate Spade Gooey Flats via Kate Spade
Kate Spade Telly Flats


Kate Spade Pretzel flat via zappos – also available in Marashino red and Black Suede

The style: Inspired by New York City, the Kate Spade New York Autumn/Winter 2013 range of shoes are as maddeningly wonderful as their Big Apple home! If you’re a creative type, bring your quirky self to work with the yellow taxi, gooey doughnut or shiny pretzel designs.

Why these shoes are business chic:

  • Look these shoes might not be business chic if you work in a conservative office among the fun police. However, if have a pair of wide-leg man-style pants – these will be so much fun to see peeking from underneath the cuff. So much fun!

How to wear it: As mentioned, if client-facing, these shoes would be very fun seen peeking from underneath a pair of work pants. Or if you’re having a day in the office, try wearing with a simple little black dress and potentially a cardigan and belt~ perfection!

Kate Spade New York Taxi Flats profile

What do you think of these Kate Spade shoes FOR WORK? Have I gone too far? Would I get into trouble at work? Or would I be able to get away with it?

What are the quirkiest shoes you’ve worn to work? Please share!


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  1. It’s fun shoe for a movie date or lunch with your girlfriend. I think the type of work you do would dictate if this shoe is appropriate.
    Fashion editor – yes
    Attorney – no

  2. These are so cute and fun! I think if the rest of the outfit was quite plain and conservative these would be great as part of a work outfit. Could be a good ice breaker / conversation starter too!

  3. Those shoes are really cool. As for whether you can get away with them – well, I think you definitely can as long as you pair them with conservative dress! It will draw attention though!

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