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Last night I was a guest at Gazi where the bathroom lighting makes applying lippy, rather tricky!

Unsure whether to wear make-up today? There are two worthy causes that are in need of your face:

The Go Bare campaign

Don’t want to wear make-up today? Or you are a bloke and want to use your bareness to help raise awareness and create change for thousands of women in Africa?

Currently one in four women in Africa live in poverty, lacking access to basic necessities, including health care, a stable supply of food and the right to make decisions regarding their own body and life.

Bare, an initiative by Care Australia and Marie Stopes International Australia seeks to aid women and girls living in extreme poverty in Africa.

On Friday 20th September The Bare Initiative are asking Australian women (and I’m extending the call to the blokes) to Go Bare by not wearing makeup to raise awareness and encourage discussion about the challenges women in Africa face.

Register to Go Bare and share a photo on social media to promote the cause today:




The Pink Hope campaign

The Bright Pink Lipstick campaign is about raising the awareness of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer whilst encouraging all women to be proactive with their breast and ovarian health.

Pink Hope need your support to raise the funds required to employ a Genetic Counsellor who will provide professional support and advice to high risk women, men and their families. An essential resource f or the high risk community.

Revlon are supporting the cause this year with a limited edition “Pink Hope” shade that is available at Target, Priceline and selected pharmacies throughout September.

Sign up to wear bright pink lippy for Pink Hope here

If you wear bright pink lippy today, share a photo on social media using the hashtags #brightpinklipstickday #pinkhopeaus #revlon


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Will you go bare or wear a bright pink lipstick today and raise awareness for a great cause today?


If you can’t get on board today, remember that these organisations are able to accept donations.

Donate to Go Bare’s initiates Care Australia here or Marie Stopes International here.

Donate to Pink Hope here

 Let me know if you take part in either cause!

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