Awesome Anna advocates alternative work attire

Good morning, BusiChic!

I've just spent the weekend moving house so a quick few words from me. Awesome Anna works in Finance, showing that the industry does not always require a full-suit.



Anna wears Dita glasses, Karen Walker and Lucy Folk jewellery… I'll update the rest of this when I get access to my work email – sorry!


5 minutes with Anna:


1. Where do you like to shop for work clothes? I shop everywhere, I tend to try and get good bargains for work clothes as I tend to spend more on my 'out of work' pieces. In saying that I work both sets of clothes into my work attire. Country road is a fave of mine though!

2. Publications that keep you inspired? Wow .. Tumbler is a GREAT source of inspiration for me. Craft Tuts is an on line site which I love. The Simple Life mag from the UK. Anything to do with beaches, holidays, beautiful and original furniture or items for your home and anything recycled, especially wood.

3. Favourite quote? Something to love, something to do, something to look forward to.

4. Recipe for your favourite work lunch? Organic wholemeal wraps with spinach, red capsicum, grated carrot, Jarlsburg cheese and either Turkey or Ham. Yummo

Thanks Awesome Anna!


Wishing you a productive and inspiring week, BusiChic!

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