Friends at work

I find it funny how many of my friends are people I met through my various workplaces. Some of my dearest friends have been made through work. I’ve dated people at work and my fiancé and I first met in the workplace. I recently met up with a mentor who I also met through work. Previously when we were in the office, so often we’d talk about the clients we were working on; I always had this niggling feeling that there were *more life-things* that we could talk about instead.

It shouldn’t be surprising; we’ve been especially selected by Human Resources/ People & Culture using an interview process geared towards hiring like-minded people. The company wants people who get along and work well together. Plus consider how much time we spend at work; often we spend more of the week with colleagues than our own families.

I find it interesting that recently I’ve come across articles about being wary of making friends in the workplace. However upon reflection, I have seen it become an issue. My opinion on this is when experiencing the boom or bust of an office romance or friendship, the rules remain the same: keep it professional when you’re in the office. Sure that can be tricky but focussing on the job at hand is a good reminder that you are there, firstly, to do a job! And above all else, don’t lack the “fear of failure” be a deterrent to making friends at work.

Today’s BusiChics were walking ahead of me and the sound of their chatter reminded me of walking down the same street with my work gals. Sure I have new wonderful work colleagues, but in that location, I missed my first group of work friends. I happen to be catching up with them at the end of this week so in tribute to one group of fabulous office friends – here’s a look at a pair that I find looking chic on the streets of Melbourne:

Business Chic Louisa Saranee

(L-R) Louisa and Saranee work together in a professional services firm.

Business Chic Louisa Yeo Saranee de Silva

Louisa (L) wears: Top: Zara Skirt: Veronika Maine Accessories: Miu Miu cardholder / Sportsgirl rings

Saranee (R) wears:top from Cue, pants are from New Zealand from a store called Gregory.

“I found my belt in my parent’s wardrobe.Not sure exactly where my shoes are from, but I think they’re from Wittner.” Business Chic miu miu card holder

Trusty black work shoes.

Trusty black work shoes.

How do you feel about making friends at work?

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