Lighter and brighter

How have you been going snapping your work outfits this week? I must be honest – I’m feeling quite shy about posting photos of myself, simply for the sake of! But I’m at least taking photos for myself, then I might share them here or on insta over the weekend to set up some ideas over next week’s work wardrobe exploration…we’ll see!

In the meantime, I’ve a bunch of photos of stylish workers that I’ll be sharing with you over the coming weeks – hurrah for spring encouraging us to shed layers and show off some ace personal style.

Starting here with awesome Imogen who works as a Senior Publicist for a Melbourne-based book publisher. I love her creative ensemble that uses different shades of burnt orange – a wonderful alternative to black as Melbourne gets lighter and brighter.

Business Chic Imogen

Imogen wears: Bag, skirt and 3 band ring: Alpha60
Jacket: Gorman
Shoes: Funkis
Glasses: Chanel
Top: H&M

BusiChic Imogen

5 minutes with Imogen

Favourite stores/brands for workwear?
 I love Alpha60 for work wear – clean lines and classic colour palettes (browns, greys, black and blues) means that you can mix and match throughout the work week. I’m also a fan of Búl. Gorman and St Leonard’s are always good if I’m looking for something a bit fun.
Favourite quote?
“You should always have two biscuits; one for each hand.” – My grandmother (who had a notorious sweet tooth)
// love this – great practical quote! – Cheryl
Sites, blogs, books that inspire you?
Advanced Style is a wonderful blog that showcases the street style of New York’s older demographic. The average age of the women on the blog is around 75 – but they are stunning! Much more willing to take risks with their fashion than us young ‘uns! I hope I can be that glamorous one day.
Books by strong women on important issues really inspire me. Germaine Greer, Anne Summers, and Anna Goldsworthy’s Quarterly Essay on Julia Gillard and the culture of misogyny all come to mind. It may seem like a stretch, but I want the way I dress to channel some of that power and self confidence.
Favorite skin care/cosmetics for the office?
 I use Dr Hauschka. I’ve got sensitive skin and this the best range I’ve found after years of trial and error.
I try to use as little make up as possible. Nars make the best blushes around. Benefit’s “Porefessional” primer is so much lighter and more comfortable than gluggy liquid foundation. Concealer is a must – I really like Touch Expert Advanced by Tony. Mascara – any kind does the trick but I use waterproof to avoid  smudges as the day goes on. If I have an important event or meeting I need to dress up a little for, instead of changing my outfit I just apply some lipstick. I like the Nars range of matte lip pencils and “Damned” is my go-to colour.
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