Shoot: Inspirations and experiments


A change of the seasons always inspires me to think about changing things up – do they do that for you too? Some things that are inspiring me, stylistically, at the moment:

  • Mel Campbell’s book, Out of Shape. In our talk at the Melbourne Writers’ Festival on Saturday (thanks to all of you who came- it was so great to see and meet you! PS: click through on that link to see what I ended up wearing -eep!), Mel talked about the term she created, “orthovestia” which is the phenomenon of making consumers feel powerless so that they need to turn to “experts” to guide them like sheep. In this dependent state, they’re more likely to buy the goods that you recommend to them. Interesting.
  • Melbourne Spring Fashion Week: on this week! Are you going to any of the shows? Who are you looking forward to seeing?
  • Creative projects: There’s this office style fashion shoot that I’d like to do with immaculately dressed business chic people: standing at the tram stop, crossing the road, striding between meetings; all while scoffing food. To work out the logistics, I did a practice shoot photographed by friend-of-all-trades, Meagan Harding. Here’s test shoot showing our little experiment!

The Experiment

Photography: Meagan Harding Make up: Shu Uemura at David Jones (who have recently had a price drop- read more here!) Clothes are my own or borrowed from:

I was also gifted a beautiful cape from  The Professor’s Daughter – more on that in an upcoming post! Now enjoy the shoot:

BusiChic onigiri

Top: Country Road | Dress: Neo Dia at Swoon boutique.

earrings: Georg Jensen | cape: The Professor's Daughter | shirt: APOM at Swoon

earrings: Georg Jensen | cape: The Professor’s Daughter | shirt: APOM at Swoon

Shirt: APOM at Swoon | pants: ASOS | belt: Gorman

Shirt: APOM at Swoon | pants: ASOS | belt: Gorman

Jacket: ALPHA60 | shirt: op shop | scarf (worn as a tie: basque at Myer | pants: ASOS

Jacket: ALPHA60 | shirt: op shop | scarf (worn as a tie: basque at Myer | pants: ASOS

day jacket: Micky and the Van | top: Audrey Blue | bracelet and earring: Swoon | pants: ASOS

day jacket: Micky and the Van | top: Audrey Blue | bracelet and earring: Swoon | pants: ASOS

cardigan: J.Crew | Dress: American Rag | belt: Gorman | bracelet at Swoon

cardigan: J.Crew | Dress: American Rag | belt: Gorman | bracelet at Swoon

Observations / Things that I learnt from the test shoot:

  • A reason why food and fashion aren’t more commonly featured meshed together is because food has the potential to ruin the clothes borrowed for the shoot (which of course I made sure didn’t happen on this one) and definitely ruins make-up, requiring lots of re-application which is difficult to do seamlessly and is time-consuming.
  • It’s fun to experiment! I weaved in some of my wardrobe into this shoot with pieces from beautiful Swoon boutique in Hawthorn and it was great to think of different ways that I could pull the look together…
BusiChic mandarin

Jacket: obus | dress and bag from Swoon boutique | stockings: Sportsgirl | shoes: Gorman

Get experimental and document your “outfit tests”!

Inspired by the fun that I had experimenting, this week I am encouraging you to experiment and document your outfits. By photographing your creations, you will be able to  create YOUR OWN workwear lookbook combinations from YOUR OWN WARDROBE! Heck the process may even identify gaps- aka the pieces that you feel that you need to *complete a look* – which will give you a justified reason to go shopping!

  1. Simply get dressed for work and take a snap of yourself – a full-length using your phone should do. I either take selfies in front of a mirror or in the elevator at work when I get it to myself 😉  Or get your partner/friend/colleague to photograph you! I am lucky to have very helpful colleagues who oblige – thanks Sharon, Karlie and Jade!
  2. If you are feeling like a challenge, think about what inspires your style? A look that you saw in a magazine and think that you can fashion out of pieces that you already have. A style dare – I always love taking part in Andrea’s challenges over at Fox in Flats and she has a new one up this week!  I’m going to listen to my friend, Caroline from tragen, who suggested I document my desk-to-drink outfits. You see, on top of my day job, this week I’m going to busy this week with dinners, fashion shows and a gig at the Corner all planned as my straight-after-work activities. I’ll be capturing my outfits twice: first thing in the morning and then once I get to my destination – the tweaks (if any) that I’ve made to make my workwear, event-appropriate! Do you also have events on after work this week?
  3. Share or keep: Feel free to keep the images to yourself – so that you can flick through them on your phone as you wake up in the morning and get inspired by your own wardrobe! Hey on some of these devices you can create a folder specifically to hold your outfit photos! If you are a sharer like me, share them with me via email or tweet/instagram @busichic #BusiChic 

You don’t have to take a photo of yourself, every day. Just whenever you’ve got clothes on for work, you might like to take a photo of it so that you can review your style and get ideas of how you’d like to change it. For instance, documenting my own outfits, I was able to see that there was a stage where I was wearing *a bit too much black* so it helped get me thinking about introducing more colour and print. And don’t worry if you think that you look silly – afterall you’ve now just seen a whole lot of photos that a PROFESSIONAL took of me – with random fruit and veg that I had in the fridge! So BusiChic, are you inspired? Will you start snapping your outfits? Or do you already? 


  1. So many covetable items here! And I love the quirky fun the fruit and veg bring to the shoot 🙂

    ps. That last outfit rocks!

  2. I guess I can count uni as work, right!?

  3. Megan did such a great job with the photos and you look like you’re having so much fun! I adore your use of color and how playful the outfits are but still so very wearable for work. I can’t wait to (finally) meet you at ProBlogger! xoxox

    • Thanks Vanisha – I know, how awesome is Meagan! Glad to hear that you thought my outfits were work-appropriate. I adore the APOM shirt which I wouldn’t have worn to my more conservative workplaces but I think I could get away with it in my now more relaxed office.

      I am also very excited to meet you at ProBlogger – yay!

  4. I’ve had my eyes on that Obus jacket for a while now. Looks great on you!

    Looks like it would have been a fun shoot 🙂

    • Thanks Olivia – I reckon that the Obus would look ace on you. It’s a great piece to dress up and down and lightweight enough to throw over things in Spring = winner in my books! xx

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