Yellow pants at work

I’m closing this working week with the style of a gent whose outfit so captured my attention that I ran almost a whole block to catch up with him. What made it extra awkward is that I was wearing heels, which made me quite the noisy runner; so he and the person he was walking with kept turning around to see who was running after them… thankfully, he said yes and my thanks to his companion for allowing me to borrow him!

Without further ado, here’s Jeff who works as a Projects Analyst for Shell (Oil and Gas Industry) and wears YELLOW pants to work. I can’t believe that they’re from Country Road!

Business Chic Jeff

BusiChic Jeff

Jeff wears: Boots-Country Road
Pants-Country Road.
Shirt-Jeff Banks.
Scarf Mono Wear.
Sunglasses Ray Bans. Jumper-Bell & Barnett.

2 minutes with Jeff:

Favourite stores/brands for workwear? Country Road and Bell & Barnett
Favourite quote? Nothing is ever what it seems to be, you always have to dig deeper.
Publications that inspire you? Forbes,CNN,BBC, Wikipedia. 
Books- The Art of War and Jamie Oliver’s 30 minutes Meal
Favorite skin care/cosmetics for the office?-Nivea for Men.

To be done well, colourful pants at work are for the very brave. Rock it out like Jeff does by colour blocking (i.e. add another colour – in this case, Jeff’s used an orange jumper) then mash it all together by adding in the perfect pitch of pattern (i.e. his checked shirt). Happy Friday!


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