Celia Cecchi of I Scream Nails

Happy Humpday, BusiChic!

I’m so excited to share with you the wonderful Celia Cecchi, founder of nail art, I Scream Nails.

I finally got to meet Celia and her awesome crew at the Renault CLiO event I attended during MSFW. Seriously what a genius idea to have Celia and her team on hand to get our hands fashion-show- ready! So of course I had to follow up and meet with Celia in her brand new Collingwood studio to get my nails done, photos here:

I Scream Nails Nail Art

Here are just a fraction of the many nail designs to choose at I Scream Nails that can be done in any colour combination you like!

Business Chic creative Celia Cecchi

Celia Cecchi of I Scream Nails in front of the stunning mural painted by Melbourne artist what_the_hello

Celia Cecchi Nail Colour Business Chic Celia Cecchi at work

Celia Cecchi at work I Scream Nails Meagan Harding

What we can learn from Celia’s Creative Workwear

Celia’s work involves her working in close physical proximity of her clients. Note her eye-catching glasses, lippy as well as the interesting detail on her top that can be appreciated by those she works with.

Think about the work that you do, what it requires of you physically and what people will actually see and dress accordingly.

One of my girlfriends prides herself on the international Skype interviews she did wearing a professional top and her pyjama pants underneath ūüėČ

I Scream Nails for Business Chic

I love the nails that Celia created for me. I was clearly overwhelmed by all of the designs and colours available at I Scream Nails. We agreed that it’s best to either know exactly what you want or leave it in the hands of the artist so Celia created this light pistachio and pink combination that I am enjoying wearing so much. See how it’s conservative for work when viewed from one angle then “all-party” when viewed from the other?

Nail art at work

What do you think of nail art in your work place? I work in a pretty conservative environment so like to keep my nails shorter in length and the wildest I usually go is pastels on the fingers and a contrasting fluro on the thumbs. I like just a hint of “something different”. So when nail art suddenly popped on to the scene earlier this year, I was hesitant at first to jump on board. A lot of the designs were OTT for my office but as Celia advises, there are LOTS of colours and variations that you can opt for. When choosing a manicure or nail art that you can wear at work and play, I suggest using your own good taste as the barometer of “what’s appropriate”. For instance, my nails above are probably still pushing the boundaries a little for my workplace – but as I’ve resigned, they’re totally fun and actually kind of appropriate for where I’m at!

Business Chic rules for nail art in the office:

  1. Functionality – the length and thickness of your nail design must not impede your ability to fulfil your work responsibilities such as shaking hands, typing and operating the photocopier.
  2. Appropriateness – you are a professional but in most cases you are allowed to show some personality too. Simply exercise your good taste in deciding on a style that will raise eyebrows in the way that you wish. If you are pushing the boundaries a little, make sure that you are positively killing it with how fabulous (and still work-appropriate) you look overall.
  3. Maintenance – few things are as unsightly in the office as poorly maintained nails – that goes for both manicured and unmanicured nails. If you have a manicure, Celia advises reapplying layers of top coat to mitigate against the risks of chipping. The moment your nails start chipping, see if you can get them fix or remove entirely; chipped nail polish is a big no-no!

What do you think of my rules for nail art at work? Do you have any of your own?


Ice Cream I Scream Nails

 Melbourne in Fashion Podcast

Want more? The excellent Meagan Harding¬†(yes that’s Meagan getting her nails done in the photos above)¬†and I have started a podcast and Celia is our first guest on¬†Melbourne in Fashion.¬†Hear how Celia came up with the idea for I Scream Nails and how she kicked her day-job to the curb to make her passion project her living. Oh and I also enjoyed getting her thoughts on the nail art naysayers who think that nail art is a passing fad- they should see the demand for her work around the country¬†!

Want an I Scream Nails manicure? ¬†It’s yours, available by appointment or think seriously about booking Celia and her team for your next event or hen’s party. I know that I am!

I Scream Nails.com.au | Facebook.com/iscreamnails |instagram.com/iscreamnails



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