How many inspirational quotes is it going to take for you to go do your thing?

Dearest BusiChic,

Happy Friday, did you have a good week at work?

I have some news to share with you – perhaps unsurprising for those who read my last Thought post;  I resigned from my job.

inspirational quotes

I have LOTS of screenshots of inspirational quotes stored in my phone. I recently created a folder for them to get an idea of just how many. Flicking over them recently, I kinda felt repulsed and thought “gah, time to get on with it already!”

Peer pressure: Kate and Hughesy

At LMFF 2011 with the ace-fantastic Lou Pardi and rad Kate Langbroek.

At LMFF 2011 with the ace-fantastic Lou Pardi and rad Kate Langbroek.

Because disappointingly I am part-sheep and to an extent, need people to tell me what to do… I meet so many great people doing things that you would think that they would have influenced me to do this earlier. Oddly it was the announcement of radio hosts Hughesy and Kate that they were quitting their show after 12 years that actually flicked the switch in my brain that now was the time to go quit my Careerland job and go do “my thing”. After hearing their announcement, I actually thought, “don’t quit just because Kate and Hughesy have.” But then I did anyway because well ultimately, the time felt right.

Don’t get me wrong – I had a really ace boss, was working for a great organisation and had some wonderful colleagues.

However recently I met with Dianna who after 15 years in Finance, took the chance to start up Miss Links. Dianna shared that for a long time she had felt like she was living someone else’s perfect life and that she was waiting for someone else to give her permission to do her thing. I’ve felt the same way for a long time now…

Why do you have to quit your day job?

Why couldn’t I just keep everything the way things were? You know SAFE with a more-than-decent-job and a secure future and simply keep all of these creative projects on the side? I knew my parents would ask this.

Well I need to not wake up in 10 years wondering what might have happened if I had taken the chance…

Some questions I found helpful to make this decision on a practical level:

  1. Can you afford to leave this job?
  2. Are you leaving for the right reasons?
  3. Is there anything that would make you stay?

And without a doubt, the support of my fiancé, Tim, is key in all of this. I feel like now is time to pursue building our dream of a life.

And as my friend JC said to me when discussing my options, “If you have the chance to follow your dreams, why wouldn’t you choose that?”

Fellow resignations this week:

Because it’s nice to feel like you’re not alone!

This resignation video went viral this week: An Interpretative Dance For My Boss Set to Kanye West’s Gone

Designer Marc Jacbos bids adieu as the head of Louis Vuitton after 16 years

What’s next?

I need to find more work for practical reasons – we still have rent to pay -oh and our wedding to plan- but also because I want to make a contribution to this world albeit in a more creative and hands-on way than my years in Finance. If you would like to hire me, get in touch!

Ultimately I’d love to work with great people who are interested in the world-around-them and doing things to facilitate more good in the world.

So I am so excited that I have just signed on to teach a Blogging for Beginners course at the Australian Writers’ Centre (AWC). Founded by the ridiculously awesome Valerie Khoo who herself is an ex-auditor-turned-writer-entrepreneur-amazingness, I am a past AWC student and have found all of the teachers incredible to learn from so I am v.e.r.y. honoured to join the team. The first one-time class is next Saturday! If you have ever thought about starting a blog, come along because I will share everything I know and encourage you!

I’ve also been juggling some great side-projects with some truly splendid people and businesses – freelance consulting and advising and writing. All of which need more of my time and where I would like to build my focus because I feel they use my strengths and brain in a way that I feel I love and provide the best value.

I’d also love to have more time to execute some killer content for this blog – it’s long overdue!



The sun is not always shining and it’s important to stay inspired and keep things real – for one’s own sanity! Here is a list of new things from around the internet that are helping me on this crazy journey::

Get started: Darren Rowse’s World Domination Address (feat. Clare Bowditch)

Be inspired, realistically: Tim Minchin’s Occasional Address

Freak out: What the Hell Are You Doing?! – when you quit a dream job and wonder why the eff you did that and whether everyone who ever paid you a compliment was just being nice.


“You have to think bigger than you have ever thought before” – Heston Blumenthal

Thank you for listening and following the journey, thus far. In the words of Bowie, “I don’t know where I’m going from here but I promise you it won’t be boring.”

Have you changed careers? How did you go about it? Or do you work a job that you love? How did you go about finding or creating it?


  1. It’s all so exciting!

  2. It sounds weird to congratulate someone on quitting their job, but… Congratulations on quitting your job! It’s such a huge step but it definitely sounds like a step you’re ready to take. Good luck with it all. 🙂

  3. Like I said on Twitter, I’m so chuffed for you! I’ve been amazed by what you’ve been able to achieve while still working – imagine what you’ll be able to do now – hope you’re holding on tight! 🙂 x

  4. Congratulations Chez! Take care of yourself and enjoy the ride! xx

  5. I was kinda forced into it by being made redundant a year ago. But I decided to make lemonade out of the lemons I had been handed, and launched my own business. I gave it 12 months to earn me a decent income. Twelve months on I’m having the time of my life and on better money than I was back then!

    • Janet, sorry to hear about the redundancy by GO YOU for making RAD lemonade! Thank you for sharing your story, I really appreciate it 🙂

  6. All the best for what lies ahead Cheryl – exciting times! x

  7. Congratulations Cheryl!

    Working for yourself is one hell of a ride and a lot of hard work but I’m certain that you are passionate and talented enough to experience enormous success. All the best xx

  8. Good on you for being brave and taking the leap! Very excited to see where this next stage will take you. Lots of love xxx

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