Making time for conversation at work

Mondays for me are about conversation with people in the office.

It’s about sharing what we got up to over the weekend which can lead to finding a common interest or two  or similarly, the lack thereof,, as demonstrated by future awkward silences in the tea room!

I came across Smart Casual Matthew deep in conversation with Corporate/Polished Aaron in a rather European-looking part of South Yarra.

Business Chic men in conversation

Business Chic Matthew red tie

Business Chic Aaron

Business Chic men on smart phone

Business Chic Aaron rings

I’ve been meaning to write Matthew and Aaron for the details of their outfits. However I like that the focus in these photos is on a conversation and vibe. This conversation was interrupted by a phone call but I find it interesting how these days face-to-face conversations ebb and flow with little breaks for checking social media or taking other calls…

If you want to know the details of what Matthew and Aaron, don’t fret -when I write them to let them know that I’ve published these photos I will ask for the details of what they are wearing as I’ve been told that “there is nothing more annoying than liking an outfit and not knowing where the pieces are from!”

But for now, I’ll leave you to think about the conversation they are having (caption contest, anyone?! ) and reflect upon the nature of conversations that you have in your workplace.

Happy Monday, BusiChics!



  1. Aaron almost resembles Mario Lopez.

  2. That’s what I called sharp looking blokes !

  3. I was going through some paper work and something reminded me about you Cheryl. I almost forgot about this, FANTASTIC!!! shots =) All the best to you Cheryl and may this year be nothing but success to you.

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