New purchases: J.Crew, Keep Resin, ASOS

Hey BusiChic,

How was your weekend? Thank you for all of the support on my last post talking about how I quit my corporate job! It feels like something inspired is in the air and that post has led to lots of interesting conversations- stay tuned! Did you get to go through the fun of day light savings too? I think it’s a great trade-off; one-hour less sleep for one extra whole golden hour of sunshine at the end of the day!

Speaking of trade, I also did some of that over the weekend! Well I picked up a few online shopping packages and stopped by the Finders Keepers market to pick up some pieces for the new place we’ve moved into and managed to sneak in a little accessory purchase for myself! And because I’m trying to work out how to improve my images for my Women’s Agenda fashion stories, here’s a round-up of my recent sartorial purchases:

creative business chic

L-R: J.Crew Liberty Boy Shirt in Mixed Prints* | Keep Resin Dot Dangle Earrings in Picture Book Green | ASOS Petite Peg Pants in Linen *

*These links are affiliate links. If you click-through and  purchase this item, I get a small commission which will help to keep BusinessChic up and running!

liberty boy shirt in mixed prints

The shirt: I love flowers so it’s no surprise that I’m partial to the iconic Liberty print (there’s a link if you would like to read more about these pretty British floral prints). There are a number of Australian (Sportscraft for Women, Phillips Shirts for Men) and international retailers (J.Crew) who are currently using Liberty prints to create spring-appropriate attire. I purchased the  J.Crew Liberty Boy Shirt in Mixed Prints because of the rather unique way three different prints have been incorporated into a classic shirt cut; making for a great weekend-to-work piece. How I style it: This weekend I wore it to a picnic and dinner with friends paired with colourful pants from Gorman. I plan to wear it to work tucked into a pencil skirt or more formal pair of pants. I’d button up one extra button (when compared with the j.crew-styled image above) for the office but keep sleeves rolled up at all times.

Keep Resin Dangle Dot Earring

The earrings: The delightful Alice Keep is the partner of my fiance’s colleague and oh boy does Alice make great resin jewellery at reasonable prices! I could not resist picking up a pair of her Keep Resin Dot Dangle Earrings in a vibrant Picture Book Green. A great light-weight conversation-starter of anearring  – superkuwaiimama commented on my instagram that she thought “They look like baby dinosaur toes!” I think they will look great when I have a bit of a tan in summer with both weekend and workwear. 

The pants: I confess, I always feel terrible about shopping at ASOS as I would prefer to support Australian retailers BUT their PETITE range is wonderful for shorties like me. You see the whole range is made shorter to fit the 160cm-tall lady which is me to the centimetre, meaning that I never have to get pants tailored! And these pants, ASOS Petite Peg Pants in Linen, came in at under $40 with free shipping. A classic shape that I know I will get LOTS of wear out of. ASOS do have an ethical and eco-conscious platform, the green room, which I plan on exploring more soon too…

As you can see when buying new pieces I”m trying to make sure that I can wear them both for work and play- particularly as I transition to my new work life! My friend and stylist, Meagan Harding, stresses the importance of making your wardrobe work hard for you. Also that you should really only be buying pieces that you really LOVE so that you actually want to wear them ALL the time. It does get difficult if your weekend style is very different to your work dresscode; i.e. you have both a suit and tracky-dacks in your wardrobe. Or if you socialise with your work colleagues and have a complex about them seeing you in “the same” clothes – this personally doesn’t worry me but I’ve heard that it bothers some people!

That’s my list, so ‘fess up! Have you done some shopping recently? Would you wear the same clothes or accessories for work and play?

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