Samantha Choudhury of Samah Designs

Regular BusiChics may recall the Samah Designs Zellije Moroccan Star Earrings that I am obsessed with. Well I caught up with the talented lady behind Samah Designs who works by day in local government and every other waking hour on her line of eye-catching accessories!

samah designs Zellije Moroccan Star Earrings

I am obsessed with these earrings.


Business Chic Creative Samantha Choudhury

Samantha Choudhury of Samah Designs

BusiChic Samantha Choudhury 2

Sam’s “Create” tattoo.

Business Chic Samantha Choudhury

Samantha wears:
Pants – H&M
Jacket – Veronika Maine
Shirt – Herringbone Sydney
Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens
Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs
Jewellery – Samah Designs on etsy

Interview with Samantha Choudhury of Samah Designs

What’s your workplace industry, dress code and how do you decide what to wear to work?
I work in local government, which does not demand a formal corporate dress code, but my interpretation of it is to dress smart, with a twist of modern boho. I usually like to wear something to work, that if I decide to go out to meet friends after work or go out, my outfit can transition into after hours too. I’ve definitely given up high heels for wedges, clogs and brogues. Fresh comfy style works best for me as I have a long train commute and lots of walking involved!
What are your favourite work clothing items? 
My essentials are: good blazers with high shoulders – I have them in black, navy, khaki, cream, gold, pink, coral and electric blue! These tee’d with bright vibrant printed shirts buttoned to the top or blouses with skinny black slacks slightly tapered at the ends. My favourite shoes are lace up gold cut out brogues from local Aussie designer Tom Gunn which match with everything I own.
Favourite shops and brands for business chic clothes?
Ooh so many to choose from, but my top few would have to be Sass & Bide, Zara, Gorman, Top Shop, Sportsgirl and Seed. A good mix of Aussie and international High Street brands.
Publications that inspire you?
I don’t follow many blogs or read many mags these days, but when I’m travelling I pick up Frankie or Peppermint magazine for its local talent and Harpers Bazaar and Vogue. Etsy, where I sell my jewellery, is choc-full of amazing talent, so I find myself on there a lot! and Net-a-Porter, Pernia’s Pop Up Shop (India’s version of Net-a-Porter), and Shop Bop.
What’s a winning brought-from-home-lunch for you?
Either daal and rice or an avo, spinach, tomato, cheese in a roti wrap!

Tell us about Samah Designs – how did you get started?

Jewellery and accessories have always been a passion of mine. I have trawled the globe sourcing and finding unique items to covet for my own personal collection since I could remember. Coming from a Bangladeshi and Muslim family; bright, big, colourful, and bold was the norm to me and influenced my style a lot – being subtle and minimal was actually viewed as a bad thing!

I initially wanted to study fashion and accessories design, but opted for the ‘safe’ career as an urban planner but always wanted to start my own design business on the side.  I also had a lot of encouragement from my family and friends to start my own design business, be it in fashion, jewellery or accessories.
The reason why I was so inspired to pursue jewellery specifically ,was because I noticed a gap in the market here in Australia. The jewellery I loved and adorned was usually from places like Morocco, Turkey, Middle East, India/Subcontinent or South East Asia.  I wanted to share the richness and beauty of what I saw and was inspired by, with everyone else. That’s what moved me to establish my accessories line Samah Designs.
All of my pieces aim to evoke a narrative of cultures or tell a story. More importantly, I wanted to make all my pieces no matter how detailed and intricate the work, to be accessible and affordable to everyone. The motto going through my head whilst I was dreaming up Samah Designs went something like ‘be free to adorn your everyday…’. I wanted people to feel like they could pick up one of my pieces, and think wow, I can actually buy this!
samah designs mini kilim stud earrings

Samah Designs Mini Kilim Stud Earrings on etsy

Samajh designs Mini Geo Deco Chevron Stud Earrings on etsy

Samah designs Mini Geo Deco Chevron Stud Earrings on etsy

samah designs Zanzibar Sun Earrings Art Deco Tribal Style

For the boldest of statements, Samah Designs Zanzibar Sun Earrings on etsy

How do you balance your work with working on Samah Designs?
It can be quite difficult actually, i’m definitely having to be super organised and disciplined more than ever. To start out it wasn’t that hard, I would spend some weeknights and every other weekend designing and making pieces to keep up with orders from mainly friends and within my networks. Now that the business is growing with a second collection designed, more sales on Etsy and some interest from boutiques around Melbourne and abroad it’s becoming more and more demanding and some weeks I have hardly any time to myself and I work every weeknight and weekend! The good thing is because I work for myself, I can decide to take it easy and give myself time out, but as I am quite passionate about it, sometimes it doesn’t quite feel like work! Good coffee first thing in the morning helps with those late nights toiling away in my one-woman sweatshop 🙂
Best advice you’ve received/favourite quote?
‘Everyone has been made for some particular work and the desire for that work has been put in every heart’ – RUMI
and the other one that rings true lately…
‘Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it!’ – Maya Angelou
Favourite way to relax?
I meditate every day on the train for 45 mins in the morning. That keeps me sane and grounded for at least half of the day. Running and yoga also help me decompress from a busy week!

How rad and are Sam’s designs? Pieces are very reasonably priced, starting from $15! I like Sam’s studs for the office although now that my hair is longer, I feel that I can get away with some of her bolder styles in the office as well. They are fun to wear and translate beautifully from work-to-drinks which suits me perfectly.

 Check out Samah Designs on Etsy or follow Sam on


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  3. So proud of you Sama.

  4. Love Samantha’s style and her jewellery is fabulous! One request – please do the the Moroccan Star design as a brooch, would look amazing and great for us ladies who don’t wear earrings or rings! 🙂

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