CLASH-TASTIC creative: Lisa Marie Corso

I first came across today’s BusiChic on Instagram and felt like I got to know her so well through her instas that when we first met I asked if I could hug her. True story.

Lisa Marie Corso is a Creative working as the Editorial Coordinator at The Design Files / TDF Open House Project Manager  plus somehow manages to do freelance writing / copywriting on the side- whoa, I must ask her whether she is an early-birder or night owl in order to get this all done!

Lisa Marie  was also in the magical calligraphy class that I went to earlier this week and allowed me to push her into place so that I could capture some of her cuteness (OMG!) and all of her clashtastic print goodness. Enjoy!!

business chic lisa marie corso

Creative Lisa Marie Corso is a study in how to clash prints, fantastically.

Lisa Marie Corso Print Clash


Creative Lisa Marie Corso Accessories

Lisa Marie wears:
Glasses from Funky Spex (the word ‘funky’ though kind of freaks me out)
Patent leather boots from Zensu
Laptop case from Eley Kishimoto
Bag from a bag store in Essendon, I saw the bag in the window of my local strip of shops from this unassuming bag shop and had to have it (don’t know the name sorry)
Spring bangle from Kinki Gerlinki
LMC cheese cake

Lisa Marie carries custom cheese cake and platter from Cassie Lucas of Fire Cracker – A D O R A B L E!

lisa marie corso firecracker cheese cake

Custom cheese cake and platter from Cassie Lucas of Fire Cracker

lisa marie corso CUTENESS


Get to know Lisa Marie Corso

What are your favourite things to have for lunch on a work day?

Lucy* and I are obsessed with having salad with some type of protein on the side. On high rotation in the salad-sphere at the moment is either my roasted fennel, orange, olive and mint salad or Lucy’s two-type cabbage salad with parsley and roasted eggplant with a tahini dressing. No Vegemite on Saladas for us. Sometimes we will get Hellenic Republic’s famous $12 takeaway lunchbox on a Friday, which is a three-course Greek mystery lucky dip lunch. You don’t know what the day’s offering will be until 11.55am on a Friday when Hellenic Republic announce it on Facebook, usually by about 12.15pm it has completely sold out. In Brunswick it is a coveted and sometimes unattainable lunch. Is it a myth or is it real? Sorry to ruin the mystique, but after woofing down that three-course meal and entering a food coma utopia several times, I can attest it is 100% real. //That’s Lucy of The *AMAZING* Design Files blog

Your favourite publications (online & off)

Besides The Design Files, my other favourite online publications are VultureHuffington Post and reading The Daily Mail’s celebrity gossip section a week after the stories were originally published to see what ended up being factual reporting. Surprisingly when 80% of the content is commenting on Katie Holmes/Kate Bosworth/Jessica Alba’s favourite brand of boyfriend jeans the level of defamatory controversy is minimal, but hey, at least I have an encyclopaedic knowledge on where to buy denim from. Print wise I like the new Miss VogueYen and Sunday Style, but probably read books more on a whole over a glossy. I live by the doctrine of Nora Ephron, and love David Sedaris. I just finished reading Piper Kerman’s Orange is the New Black which was amazing.

Best advice you’ve received?

Avoid energy vampires! An energy vampire is someone who sucks all the good vibes out of you, kind of like a Debbie Downer of the Twilight era. Basically someone who leaves you feeling like you need to be plugged into an IV drip of Gatorade to get your energy levels restored. I hate Gatorade, especially the blue kind, so I need to avoid the energy vampire at all costs.

* How do you wind down after a long day?

It is no secret that I LOVE television. On the cusp of going to bed in an effort to relax I will binge on a few hours of television. By a few hours I mean it’s most likely that I have actually entered a TV watching vortex, and depending on how many episode cliffhangers have seduced me will end falling asleep at1-2am. I need to be up-to-date with all of my favourite shows or I’ll feel anxious. I kind of have an invisible roster in place (writing it down would be too shameful) to manage this debilitating obsession, the same way my nonna has a pillbox to manage which vitamins she has to take on which weekday. Right now I am loving Survivor: Blood vs WaterIt’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and The Mindy Project.

// Thank you, Lisa Marie for allowing me feature your cuteness! 
If you are on instagram, Lisa Marie is lisamariecorso -I can’t wait to see all of the behind-the-scenes from this year’s TDF open house!
Do you enjoy clashing prints at work? 


  1. Love this profile Cheryl – I feel like I know Lisa-Marie from it (spooky!) and I’m very clashing prints inspired now.

  2. Great profile, Cheryl! I’m also a fan of Lisa Marie’s Instagram and loved hearing a bit more about her and her amazing style. She’s definitely mastered the print/colour clash!

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