Business Chic in Summer

Greetings BusiChic, so it’s not quite summer yet but it’s a fabulous 32 degrees celcius in Melbourne today which means that we have days quite like it! Where better to get ideas on what to wear to the office in this heat than Perth where the mercury started rising ages ago.

The dress code

I classify Jessica as Business Casual while Zach is Corporate – note that he is wearing a tie. When it gets warm lots of offices allow gents to go Business Casual and lose the tie; siply observe what happens in your workplace and follow suit.


BusiChic couple Perth Business Chic Gordon Street Garage


The outfits

It’s a shame that I haven’t heard back from this BusiChic couple on the brands that make up their work outfits. That said, the pieces are pretty classic and can be found at retailers at all price levels – all you need for her is a Little Black Dress (check out my book that shows 52 different ways of styling this fabulous fashion classic!) and for him a well-cut white shirt and trousers.

What are your go-to work outfits for summer?




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