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I’m currently exploring the extent to which I can streamline my workwear and “play” wardrobes because ultimately I’d rather spend a little bit more on fewer pieces that I LOVE and will thus get lots of wear out of and feel happy whenever I get to wear them, than lots of items that will languish unloved in the depths of my closet.

So enter the delightful Lilli Pascuzzi of Frocks and Frou Frou who I met recently at a Bursaria High Tea event that I was invited to. We were discussing her gorgeous ensemble, particularly the wonderful petticoat detail on her skirt from Chitra’s Closet, when Lilli let slip that this ensemble was something that she would wear to work. Lilli likes being a little bit dressed up for her Creative/Smart Casual workplace; an approach that I am completely inspired by and boy do I think that she makes it look great – check it out:


Business Chic Frocks and Frou Frou Lilli Pascuzzi

Business Chic Frocks and Frou Frou Lilli Pascuzzi earrings

Business Chic Lian Pascuzzi hart matters bag

Business Chic Frocks and Frou Frou Lilli Pascuzzi Chitras Closet

Lilli’s outfit details: The top is from Modcloth, the skirt was one of Chitra’s Closet. The shoes are from Wittner, and the bag I bought as part of a Kickstarter program from a company called “The Hart Matters”


Job title and employer? What industry do you work in?

I work as the Field Sales Manager for the Australian publishing company Hardie Grant Books.

Favourite stores/brands for workwear?

It’s not a particularly corporate environment, so I get to wear what I would normally. I do a lot of my shopping online these days at places like Asos (doesn’t everyone!), Dorothy Perkins, or one-off originals from Etsy.

Your must-have piece/s for workwear?

Comfortable flat shoes! When I’m not in the office I’m trekking around city streets with a rolling suitcase full of book samples, and negotiating stairs, cobblestones and tram tracks in anything higher than a kitten heel is downright nerve-wracking!

Favourite quote?

Find a job you love & you’ll never work a day in your life. I’m lucky to be in that position.

Offline/online publications that inspire you?

I read a lot of fashion blogs (and write my own!) and get a lot of inspiration from them Frankie Magazine is a guilty pleasure for me, too, though I’m hardly their target demographic

Favorite skin care/cosmetics for the office?

I’m so lazy with cosmetics! I wear a BB cream (at the moment I’m loving the Signature wrinkle filler BB cream from Missha) and a swipe of lippy (Loreal’s “Infallible Rouge 10-hour) in Always Apricot) and that’s about all I have time for! I do get my eyelashes tinted regularly, since I’m a disaster at applying mascara.

Favorite work lunch?

My office is right near Top Paddock in Richmond, so you’ll often find me there during lunchtimes. Or if the weather’s nice I’ll trek down to Tivoli Bakery for a sandwich, and a cheeky Dossant.

Early bird or night owl?

Neither? I’ll go to bed early, but often I’ll read until the small hours, and I’m dreadful in the mornings!

What do you pack for a work trip?

You know what I don’t pack? Pyjamas. I forget them every time.


// What great responses, thanks Lilli!

For more of  Lilli’s style, check out her wonderful blog, Frocks and Frou Frou and she is also on, Facebook (Hey note for Lilli!: go to to secure your unique URL!) and

I’ve categorised Lilli’s ensemble as Polished as it transitions well from her work-to-drinks. How do you streamline your work and play wardrobes or dress so that you can head out straight after work?

Stay tuned for more photos tomorrow from our High Tea at Bursaria!



  1. Oh wow! My two fave fashion bloggers collaborate! I’ve been a fan of Lilli for years now 🙂
    Love her style. She’s so smart and a beautiful writer too.

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