Making the Pledge: Beautiful Lengths Program

Today marks the first day of my freelance/blogging life. It is also the start of the inaugural Pantene National Donate Your Hair Week.

Some background first: I have been growing out my hair for some time now so that I could experiment and showcase my favourite office-friendly hair do’s from the Hair Romance series of e-books. Then I heard about the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program where Pantene is asking people to grow out their hair and donate  a minimum of 20 cm to help make wigs for women who have lost their hair through cancer treatment. This sounds like the sort of program I’d get behind although I haven’t used a single Pantene product yet!

But seriously, do you like your hair? Because through growing out mine, I’ve come to realise how much I like it and how much I would be sad to lose it all if I had to. I already have to wear ugly orthotic-friendly shoes, for goodness sake!

I have been growing out my hair since May of this year (remember when I wrote about cheating on my hairdresser!) but regular trims (Pantene recommend every 6-8 weeks, my hairdresser says to go for as long as you can which for me is almost double that at about 10weeks) are necessary to keep the split ends at bay. I was hoping to donate this week however after inspecting my hair recently, my hairdresser agreed that it would be better to wait for my hair to get longer so that I can make a larger donation and particularly if I want to have long hair for my wedding next year. As with all donations, it makes sense to donate when and what you can, right?

Melbourne_in_Fashion 057

Over the next few months I’ll be experimenting with long hair styles for the office. This photo was taken on a Smart Casual/Creative day. Photo: Meagan Harding

So over the next few months I am going to start demonstrating different hairstyle for office gals with long hair.

Why does long-hair need to by styled for work anyway?

Did you go to one of those high schools where hair past the uniform collar had to be tied up? The rationale given was because “it looks neat.”

However in the workplace, hair doesn’t always have to be neat and tied up in the same way that most of us don’t have to wear a stiff suit and collar to work. That said we still want it to look good because good grooming is one of the key ways to create a professional appearance.

Have greasy hair? Wash it. Can’t be bothered? Use dry shampoo. Feel like a boofhead? Straighten it. My hairdresser and the internets tell me that the options for hair-styling are endless. I’m interested specifically in identifying easy ones that we can do for work. Also the Pantene donation requirements specify that hair must not be dyed and as it turns out, long un-highlighted hair is particularly tricky to style as our hair doesn’t show styles as well as highlighted hair. So how do we make long hair, BusiChic hair?

What is BusiChic hair?

I’m defining business chic hair as the following:

  • appropriate for the style of your work place
  • looks good.
  • doesn’t take forever to do

What else would you add or change?

I need your help!

I need your help because I’m new to hair! I have never had long hair before and want to make the most of it before I lop it off and give it to someone else.

You don’t have to have long hair yourself to share an idea- I already started up this BusiChic hair Pinterest board which is very basic – I’d love your input. Please send me your photos, favourite hair tutorial sites, posts and pinterest boards!


Do you have long hair? How do you style it for work?

If you are interested in donating your hair, find out more the Pantene Beautiful Length’s Program here.



  1. Definately one of my fav’s is The Small Things, she has a bunch of great Hair Tutorials:

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