My last week at work

So it’s my last week of my corporate life after pulling the plug a few weeks ago!

I’m finding it both terrifying and exhilarating to be walking away into a great unknown… And I am very lucky to have such a great support network but if you have any advice of your own to add, please let me know!

And while I am busy trying to wrap things up, I have also been spending lots of time surrounding myself with people doing interesting things. Consequently my brain right now is a flurry of all of these wonderful talks, conversations and inspirations which I am still marinating and processing. Seriously my mind is blown and it will otherwise take me forever to get my dedicated posts out so here is a snippet of what’s inspiring me right now with links to see if they inspire you too! Make sure that you get to the end of this post to see the giveaway  I have going with the National Gallery of Victoria!

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Taking time out for reflection…



Valerie Khoo at League of Extraordinary Women

I attended the Run the World conference run by The League of Extraordinary Women as a guest of the wonderful Valerie Khoo.  More on the conference soon which was aimed at future entrepreneurs. Valerie is the founder of the Australian Writers’ Centre where I have started teaching the Blogging for Beginners class. I really enjoyed her talk which was related to her book Power Stories: the 8 stories you must tell to build an epic business – a great book that helps business owners share their story in a way that engages media and customers. Most importantly for me at this stage was Valerie mentioning that one of the most important audiences and stories is the one that you tell yourself. 


Kyra of Pybus PR invited me to one of the most unspeakably beautiful events that I have attended to date – the launch of Julia de Ville’s new collection, Can the Voices of the Living be Heard by the Dead, at e.getal in Flinders Lane. Here are some photos that Meagan Harding took of the evening.



Julia de Ville’s new collection now on show at e.getal in Flinders Lane. Photography: Meagan Harding


The amazing, thoughtful and articulate jeweler/taxidermist, Julia de Ville.


e.getal Director and Jewellery Designer, Emma Goodsir, with Kyra Pybus of Pybus PR


L-R: NGV Fashion & Textiles Assistant Curator Paola di Trocchio (and today’s Melbourne in Fashion podcast guest!) speaking with Natalie Claire King and Eve Byers.


How pretty is this table setting?! Stay tuned for more details on this sparkling vegan affair to launch Julia’s new collection at e.getal.


EGEtal_Supper+381-2857201337-O EGEtal_Supper+384-2857201369-O

We were given the opportunity to try on Julia’s work and well, the expression on my face says it all! I’ll have a dedicated post on Julia’s work coming soon but as I’m not sure how long her exhibition is on just make sure that you head down to see it in its glory.

Can the Voices of the Living be Heard by the Dead?

Julia de Ville at e.getal 

167 Flinders Lane, Melbourne



The Melbourne in Fashion podcast on iTunes 

The Melbourne in Fashion podcast library if you do not have iTunes

My new podcast with Meagan Harding, Melbourne in Fashion, has had more downloads than we were ever expecting and we are super excited for today’s episode featuring Paola di Trocchio whom I photographed earlier this year.

If case you missed my post on the launch, Paola curated the fashion component of the current Edward Steichen and Art Deco Fashion exhibition that is now on at the NGV. Meagan and I loved hearing the work that Paola and her colleagues put into this show that is on now until March 2, 2014.  Listen and tells us whether you were surprised as we were to hear just how many departments were involved in realising this exhibition!

Paola was also in attendance at the Julia de Ville launch at e.getal so we have a chat about that too 😉

Giveaway: In the podcast I mention a giveaway that I am hosting along with NGV Melbourne – simply make sure that you are subscribed to the BusiChic Newsletter to find out how you can win one of two double-passes to go see Edward Steichen and Art Deco Fashion Exhibition and most importantly talks where Paola and Bronwyn Cosgrove, Senior Conservator, Textiles talk about the conservation work that went into preparing the fashions for public showing.

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Ok that’s all from me for now folks! How’s your week going?


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